Urthbox Review – Ratings, User Reviews, And How It Works

Who doesn’t want to stay healthy and eat healthily? 80% of people prefer eating junks to fulfill their cravings. I would rather say no to sugary items and the junk food selling outside and prefer having a low calorie & high fiber food snack for my cravings. Urthbox is something that can give me a proper box of snacks, and what could be better than this?

Getting the thing you need will remove almost 70% of your stress. I always give a try to the subscription boxes as they are best in price, health, and everything that a weight watcher need. This month, I thought to give a try to the Urthbox and share my experience about how it tastes, what is inside the Urthbox? Is it better than the other boxes?


Before this, Let me say something about the Urthbox that what it is. Well, Urthbox is a Healthy food subscription service like the other boxes. It contains the right amount of healthy snacks and goodies to fulfill your cravings. The main focus of Urthbox is to provide healthy, unique, and organic products to its subscribers.

However, the company is not the vegan, but it allows customers to choose the option while subscribing into the plan whether they want to receive the vegan box or non-vegan one. Also, you can even select some of your choices at the payment page.

How Does Urthbox Work?

The ordering process of Urthbox is quite easy. All the orders which placed, before the end of the current month are getting shipped by the middle of next month, and the same is delivered to your doorstep within 2-4 working days after shipping.

I ordered at the end of last month, and the current mid-month I received my parcel.

Urthbox is possibly giving more efforts compared to the other boxes. As you need to decide what kind of box you want and what type of subscription you need (that depends upon your budget though).

Wait? There is an important note for auto-renewals. It is important to know that there is auto-renewal for every subscription made in the website until and until one specified by contacting their support system for the same. You can contact them by sending an email for same to support@urthbox.com.

What do I have to say about this? Well, I don’t have any issues with auto-renewals, but when I swing my mood and want to try another one, I do it.

Is there any discount for newcomers?

We always love to receive discounts, especially when we are about to try any new service. Not same as other boxes but Urthbox is giving a discount of 10$ to their new customers. The main idea of providing a discount is to convert them into a long term and potential customers by providing the service they need.

Is there any coupon code for same? Not at all you don’t need any coupon code for receiving 10$ discount. Only you need to visit this link, and the discount will automatically apply at check out.

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What is inside the Urthbox?

The total of 13 goodies or you may call it snacks I received this month.

  1. Unreal Dark Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter Cups
  2. Jake’s Vitamin Candy, Mango Flavor
  3. Protein Hunger Control, Chocolate Smoothie
  4. Everything Bagel Chips
  5. Alo Light
  6. Nature’s Joy Almonds
  7. Peter Rabbit Organics Apple Fruit Snack
  8. VitaFive Health Without the Hassle Daily Gummy Vitamin Pack
  9. Pasta Chips
  10. Peeled Apple-to-the-Core Snacks
  11. True Lemon Packets
  12. Surf Sweets Gummy Bears
  13. Primizie Crispbreads

Not all the things I received suits me, anyway let me share you my experience with the stuff I received.

#1 Unreal Dark Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter Cups

Sweets cravings? The delicious thing you get in the box is Chocolate cups. This will not only help you to fulfill your sweets cravings but provide the essential nutrients as well that contains in original dark chocolate.


Unreal Dark Chocolate Butter cups are my favorite from the box, and you won’t believe, I finished it instantly when I opened. These cups are having a delightful taste of coconut, and the pinch of peanuts was impressive as well.

The fact is, It tastes pretty well.

#2 Jake’s Vitamin Candy, Mango Flavor:

I am not a kind of vegan or nor I do have any problems with non-vegan stuff. But, the things I don’t like is candy. This reminded me of when I used to eat usual sugar candies. However, Jake Vitamin candy can be a good alternative for vitamins capsules.

It does not taste that bad. Yes, I tried. If you asked me this for vegans, I would suggest this for sure. It contains almost all the nutrition profile of Vitamins B12 that a vegan need.

However, the same can be taken by any diabetic patient, as well, because the sugar present in the candy is artificial.

#3 Protein Hunger Control, Chocolate Smoothie:

The third thing I received in my box is Protein Hunger Control Smoothie. It is clear from the packaging that this product is not for vegans. However, I could drink this.

Protein Hunger Control smoothie contains fewer calories than any other drinks and includes an adequate amount of protein that a person needs.

The fact is, If you are vegan, you will disappoint by getting this in your box. However, It tastes pretty well.

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#4 Everything Bagel Chips:

The healthy form of eating the right chips. Everything Bagel chips are one of the crispiest chips I have tried, and I must order it again to eat with salsa. These chips are not only lower in calories but contain exciting health benefits as well.

To be instant, it just contains around 130 calories per serving, which is normal — an excellent form of complex carbohydrates that will help you to fulfill your cravings longer for sure.

The fact is, It tastes good but the one thing I don’t like about the chips is its flavor.

#5 Alo Light:

You must be aware of tons of benefits aloe vera do for skin, hair, and the body. I drink aloe juice once in a month as it helps to detoxify my body, helps me out to clear the waste toxins.

But many drinks contain sugar in extra amount, and I am not the one who loves extra sugar.

If we talk about the nutrition value of Alo Light, then it contains 60 calories per bottle and only 7gm of natural stevia sugar for taste.

The fact is, I liked this pack as it nicely balanced with cucumber and melon as well. Trust me. It tastes pretty good. (If you are used to stevia before.)

#6 Nature’s Joy Almonds:

Another vegan product in the box is Nature’s Joy Almonds. I also love to have almonds in my breakfast, but this one seems different to me at starting.

However, I was wrong and disappointed as well by checking the flavors of almonds, and I found it is just plain almonds which I can buy from any supermarket near me.

The Fact, It disappoints me I would think to receive some flavored one.

#7 Peter Rabbit Organics Apple Fruit Snack:

If you are looking for a perfect vegan snack for a student, then Peter rabbit has something for you. Another best thing you are going to get in your box.

It is puree made from organic fruits and comes with a handy squeezy pack. One of the best things about this snack is it does not contain any refined sugars, which makes it perfect for anyone.

The fact is, It tastes pretty good, and if combined with oatmeal or toast, it can be a great snack for lunch.

#8 VitaFive Health Without the Hassle Daily Gummy Vitamin Pack:

VitaFive Gummy vitamins are the one I thought to buy in bulk from the store itself. It shaped like gumdrops. In the box, you will receive just two of its packets just like a sample to taste.

Let me tell something more about VitaFive gummy Vitamins. It comes with eight different flavors and naturally made from fruits pectins to ensure efficient digestion in the gut. Also, It is a special vitamin that you need for your digestion. Meanwhile, it does two works fulfilling your hunger and health as well.

At last, I would recommend it to taste this once as it tastes pretty well among other I listed above.

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#9 Pasta Chips:

I was a big fan of pasta before coming into a strict diet. Before that, I have never heard about the Pasta chips, but when I found this inside by Urthbox, I was surprised. These chips have a pleasant and flaky texture.

What I most liked about the chips is its flavor. The packet I received was rosemary flavor and perfectly balanced with herby, and savory.

I would suggest this packet for vegans who do not have tasted the pizza flavor for a while. This can help you to satisfy your cravings. Anyway, The fact is, It tastes pretty well, and the rosemary flavor gives a perfect taste of pasta.

#10 Peeled Apple-to-the-Core Snacks:

Who loves dried fruits? Everyone does. If you ask me, then I am a great fan of eating dried fruits as it gives a lot of on the go energy without any much of sugars. If we talk about the Peeled apple snacks that we are going to get in our box, then it just contains nothing the organic dried peels of apple.

Even, the calories are 110 only, which makes it a perfect low-calorie snack for weight watchers. However, the same can be used to treat your kids with a healthy pack of school snack.

The thing I don’t like about the peeled apple dried fruit is – it is not as moist as the dried fruit should be. It is justs a minor problem may be with me only. Otherwise, this snack is perfect for everyone.

#11 True Lemon Packets:

Back in centuries when I was a kid, I used to love the lemonade drink offered in markets until I realized there was nothing just drops of lemons, water, and sugar. Talking about the box, when I found these packets, I was confused about whether to drink it or not.

Until I found that this is one of the pure natural drink of lemon and the packet you will receive contains many of the flavors like grapefruit, lemon, and lime juice, there are no artificial or refined sugars added to these packets they are all-natural, and unfortunately, I was looking for the same. It is one of the best light and refreshing summer drink.

The fact is, I liked it a lot as this was my search preference. You will love this too as it tastes good, no sugar and especially the watermelon flavor you will love it.

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#12: Surf Sweets Gummy Bears:

I already said that I am not a big fan of candy, but if you are then surf sweets, gummy bears are something that you are looking for in your box. However, I opened it and thought to taste it for once, and I actually enjoyed the flavor of these Bears.

You will be getting five portions of these sweets gummy bears and each of the packet flavor would be different. I received the Citrus and lemon-flavored one.

Five packets are less? I am okay with this as to control the sweets cravings.

#13 Primizie Crispbreads:

The last thing we are going to find in our Urthbox subscription is Primize Crispbreads. If you are okay with the sodium amount, then these crispy bread are something that you need.

However, It is a bit high in calories and which not makes it a perfect low-calorie snack, and the thing I hate most about it is the oily structure. It leaves the bit of oily after taste in your mouth (I hate this). Moreover, you are only going to receive just one packet in a box. However, it can be useful if I mix up with salsa.

The fact is, It tastes good due to the sprinkles of salt, which gives it a classy flavor of the crust.

What Should Be the Value of Combined Content?

  1. Unreal Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups: $1.00
  2. Jake’s Vitamin Candy: $1.25
  3. Peeled Apple Snacks: $3.00
  4. Protein Shake: $2.00
  5. Alo Light: $2.50
  6. Pasta Chips: $2.00
  7. Everything Bagel Chips: $1.00
  8. True Lemon Packets: $3.50
  9. Gummy Vitamins: $1.00
  10. Surf Sweets: $1.95
  11. Nature’s Joy Almonds: $1.50
  12. Peter Rabbit Organics Apple Snack: $1.50
  13. Primizie Crispbreads: $3

The value of combined things could be different than a box price. It something cost you around 24$ if you buy each of the items separately from the online or offline stores. Whereas you are getting the 13 things in 19.99$ and if you apply the discount of 10$ that is available for new subscribers, then it will cost you nearly 10$ for the first month.

What I Loved the Most?

Let me share you my overall experience with Urthbox. It is something that excites me (Every subscription do it to me). The things which were in the box was pretty good in taste and quality. Some of them are even Low-calorie snacks (I need them most) & some of them are having moderate caloric contents.

If I talk about the delivery and the shipping, it does what they had said. I ordered at the end of last month, and I got my box within the time frame of 15-20 days only. I appreciate this.

The Things I Liked in the Box?

Well, Unreal chocolate cups and True lemon packets were my favorites from the Urthbox. As a dark chocolate lover, I would love to eat the cups that specially made from the dark organic chocolates with flavors of coconut in it.

The second thing I liked the most is the True Lemon packets. Reason? They contain almost zero sugar (No artificial one as well). And, the flavors like grapefruit, lemon, and lime juice.

What About Customer Service?

I always read reviews of others before making up my mind for buying any product or subscribe to anything online. But, sometimes I do take a chance to check the information. That’s what I Did.

I mailed the customer support that I don’t like the non-vegan product in my list. They replied it sincerely and even they had updated my subscription with them.

I will love to give another shot of Urthbox to my sister as well. As I really liked the customer service response they had provided to me and the things which get me attracted.

What I Don’t Like is?

The things I don’t like about Urthbox is the Non-vegan products and the quantity of products they deliver.

Non-vegan because I don’t want to eat any non-vegan products from them as they smell sometimes. I do not know the exact reason but the same I had complained it above for converting my subscription from non-vegan to vegan.

However, they do offer you to choose the package at the starting of your subscription. You can choose at the first that you would like to receive vegan or non-vegan products.

The second thing, I do not like about the Urthbox is the quantity of the things that were present in the box. They do deliver very less quantity, and sometimes, I do think I would instead get full-size items if I order a single piece from somewhere else.

As the things I liked, Chocolate cups and True Lemon packets were less in volume as well. It is a shame that the item you love the most, get the least of it.

How much their Plan Costs?

There are a variety of options and plans to choose while checking out. The first plan is starting from 19.99$. Urthbox offers five plans. The cost of each plan is different as the need of every individual is different.

But, the best thing is there are not any shipping charges if you order in the United States.

The Bottom Line:

When the first time I got my Urthbox Subscription Box. I was surprised, and it feels like someone is giving a present to us. I was so excited to try out all the new items that were present in the box.

However, If I share my true experience, then I enjoyed the things that I got in the box. The quality of the items was also as per the standards. Out of 13 items, two of them even became my favorite for the whole life: the chocolate cupcakes and the powdered lemon drinks. They were just amazing out of all the things I got in the box.

The one thing that disappoints me a lot, and that was a protein shake (non-vegan). However, I do not have any issues eating non-vegan products, but the thing I am receiving in the box was not for me. Anyway, It could be a mistake by the team, and we are humans sometimes, I make mistakes.

However, I do not know that till how long I will be under subscription of Urthbox for receiving the vegan gifts each month.

Anyway if you don’t have any issue with the non-vegan company, then I must suggest you order a box for yourself & try out the new things that will be present in the box for you.

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Is this snack subscription box worth it? Check out our Urthbox reviews to see what comes in their boxes and decide for yourself!


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