The Keto Box Review – Is This Treat Worth Your While?

The ketogenic diet contains high fat, moderate protein, and zero carbs. Ketogenic Diet forces the body to burn fats rather than depleting glycogen. But what about our cravings? 70 out of 100 people break their diet just because of sugar cravings. Therefore, they are most likely to eat sugar because we know about the mood swings of an ordinary human. So, What is The Keto Box?

The idea behind The Keto Box is to make a snack that would help the people to keep in ketosis mode and take the benefits of diet as well. We know about the process and the dedication it takes to maintain a Ketogenic diet. The difference between sugar cravings and the things contained in The Keto Box is eating sugar wants you to crave more for it and eating the stuff inside The Keto Box will help you feel fuller for a long time. That will also help us in weight loss efforts as well.

If you had made up your mind? Then let’s continue with our detailed review on The Keto Box.

What is Keto Box?

Keto Box is a pack of snacks which are lower in calories and most suitable for the person who is following a strict diet and do not want to break it by his/her cravings.

the keto box

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What’s Inside The Keto Box?

We already know about the box and now let’s have a look at what is inside the box that makes it so unique for the weight watchers. But Yes, after reviewing the products you at least have an idea about the product you are going to use and how it can provide you the health benefits & can help you in weight loss as well.

Let’s get this started.

1. Snickerdoodle:

Snickerdoodle is a type of a cookie made with butter, flour, and oil usually. But, we are talking about the Keto Box. Last month, the same thing added in a box, and in future, there will be at least one cookie in a box. Gone the time where folks use to eat the cookies made from walnuts, almonds and using white sugar. This is not going to work for the weight watchers who are following a low carb diet.

But, Snickerdoodle is all come naturally and to reduce the number of calories they use a low carb sweetener made using monk fruit to lessen the amount of calorie in particular cookie. After all, It is for the weight watchers.

2. Alterna Sweets Classic Tomato Ketchup:

The second thing we are going to find in the box is Alterna Sweets Classic Tomato Ketchup. The term “Classic” is not a classic anymore. If we talk about the other tomato ketchup, then they contain hell a lot amount of sugar & sodium that makes them increase in calories as well.

But, Alterna Sweets Classic Tomato Ketchup made from the vine-riped natural tomatoes with the perfect blend of natural spices and stevia sweetness which tastes lovely. The main thing about the product is non-GMO, lower sodium, gluten-free, with no artificial sweeteners & it only contains five calories per serving, which make it a perfect keto meal snack.

However, The fact is This Ketchup tastes pretty well compared to others.

3. Chomps Grass-Fed Beef Sticks:

Chomps Grass-Fed Beef Sticks is another thing you will get in the box. It is on the go snack made from the Beef. I am not a big fan of Beef, but after further reading about these sticks, I got to know that there is no added sugar in these sticks. That makes me curious to try for once at least.

I thought the taste would be horrible, but after eating a single stick that makes me shocked. In Just, 100 calories it contains a hell a lot amount of protein, and it also tastes pretty well. (I Just ordered for mine).

The best part of Chomps Grass-Fed Beef Sticks is it all made up with the natural ingredients like the organically grown grass-fed Beef & also it Whole30 approved. At last, These things make these sticks the best snacks for pre & post-workout and especially for the weight watchers.

4. Keto and Co Oatmeal:

Keto and Oatmeal? Sound different? Right. Don’t let this word confuse you because it is one of the tastier meal in The Keto Box. This one made from the instant oatmeal standards and the Stevia sweetener (gleaned from the Stevia rebaudiana plant) which is one of the best substitutes for sugar.

Must you be wondering? How can this meal be low in carbs if it contains oats? Well, this meal is not low in carbs, but it is low in calories. That means it is perfect fuller for any weight watcher.

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5. Tangerine Smart cake:

This is one of the first things that I would eat by the arriving of my Keto Box. Tangerine Smart cake contains 38 calories per serving, that means it is perfect for a person who is following a strict ketogenic diet. That not only make the person fulfills a craving but in fact, it keeps the person in ketosis state as well.

If we talk about the nutrition value, then it just contains 4gm of protein and 5gm of fiber that’s it. The fact is it tastest pretty well.

6. Rawxies Smoked Paprika Crunch:

Another one we are going to get in our box is Rawxies Smoked Paprika Crunch. The gourmet mix of all the great and healthy seeds like Flax, chia, pumpkin, and sunflower with the garnishing of Paprika and lemon zest.

That makes it another low calorie & high fiber snack for the ones who are working hard to maintain their diet and for getting the enough fiber the need. Trust me. It tastes better than any “Kurkure.”

7. The Original Seasnax:

The Roasted seaweed snacks and the alternative for chips. The 7th thing we get in our box is Seasnax. If we talk about Seasnax, then according to the sources, it is one of the award-winning snacks prepared with organic seaweed and the goodness of olive oil & a pinch of sea salt.

If we talk about the nutrition value of Seasnax, then it contains hardly 25 calories per serving, which makes it a perfect snack for diet goers. Another thing which makes it ideal for everyone is there is no artificial colors or none any other thing than ingredients listed on the pack is used to prepare seasnax.

Fact is, It does not taste pretty well, but once you opened up the first packet, then you must get addicted to it, and somehow, it can also affect your fitness goals as well.

8. Picnik Butter Coffee:

The last thing we are going to find in The Keto Box is Picnik Butter Coffee. If you are dedicated and serious about your keto diet, then this is one of the best things you are going to found in the box. The goodness of natural grass-fed butter coffer along with MCT oil and no sugar at all.

Trust me; this is the thing you need to keep you active and provide you extra energy while staying in ketosis. If I were you, then I do not mind ordering another product of Picnik Butter Coffee from amazon apart from the box.

Fact is, This is my favorite, and to be clear, it does not taste good. So, mind it before drinking.

The Thing We Most Like:

There are tons of health benefits of purchasing a Keto box and a few of them I already mentioned above. The first thing is you are getting the top-rated products for your healthy lifestyle and the second thing you can quickly fulfill your cravings by eating these snacks instead of eating junks of outside.

Not only these snacks listed above are low in calories, but they are also useful in providing tons of health benefits.

Another reason could be the hectic lifestyle of everyone. We all are busy and we also not have enough time to look out for the best snacks which not only suits our health but perfect for our diet as well. The Keto Box is something that can save your time and the problem of nutrition as well.

You need to subscribe to its monthly plan and the same box delivered every month to your doorstop with any huss muss. Once you subscribe to its monthly plan, then you can save a lot with your next order and also you will get a 28 Day meal plan with same.

And sometimes, we need some new change in our diet as we must be getting bored by eating the same kinds of stuff again and again. So, in this case, The Keto Box is the perfect option for all of us where we receive a variety of 8 to 11 different Keto Products for maintaining our cravings and diet as well.

How It Works:

You need to subscribe to their plan according to your budget. I would better suggest you to chose a long term plan for maximum savings. The best thing is you can cancel your plan anytime without any questions asked. The same will be renewed 15th of every month, then again on the 5th of every month the box will be delivered to your shipping address. After shipping, it would take two days more to reach into your doorstep. Each month you will receive a bunch of essential nutrition packets (Eight to eleven). In my case, I received the packages of eight in the box, and the things I received is already listed above.

After a few days, Keto Box will contact you to ask whether you had liked it or not. This way they can get a reference of yours and to assure that to provide the best boxes each month.

What We Have Not Liked About This is (Not a Big Deal Though):

The thing we don’t like is the Change of products every month. Like, we do not get an option to pick out the products as the float every month for providing the new bunch of products to our doorstep every single month.

Sometimes, the things that can be changed or sometimes remains the same and the ones I listed above are the things I got in the box this month. However, It is not as bad as I think (Just shared the point of view). The thing is I am not used to this.

Because Change is necessary and if we are receiving the same things in The Keto Box every month, then we must get bored with this as well.

Can We Recommend It?

A Big Yes, products that come in the Box are well packed, and the quality of products was also as per the standards. Why should I not recommend this to everyone? This is one of the best subscriptions I have done to order the Box every month, and the same is getting delivered with a different bunch of tastes to my doorstep.

Along with this, It is having a ton of health benefits & you can eat these snacks while staying into your low carb or keto diet as well.

Overall, This is one of the best ideas to order Keto Box if you continuously attached with the cravings of sweets and other junk foods.

If you are all done and have made up your mind, then I have the best price for The Keto box.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

#1 How Does it compare to the other boxes?

To be clear, I have not tried other Snack Boxes, so I cannot tell the differences between those. But, The products I have tried from The Keto Box were excellent and tastes pretty well. I Liked the things I received in the box and let’s talk about this month and then I still not had used the cookies and it is still fresh.

Comparing Keto Box with the other boxes is not as good I know. However, I am not targeting any particular another subscription snack box. But, Keto Box itself is a beautiful bunch of snacks with a lower subscription price each month.

#2 Can This help you to reach your KETO goals?

Of course, Yes, the calories which are present in the snacks inside the box is very less compared to sweets and junk foods. It will help you to stay fuller for a long time due to the high fiber present in the snacks.

If you don’t know about the fiber, then it is a macro that does not get digested by the body. Hence, the stomach will feel fuller. Fiber is of two types soluble and insoluble.

#3 Should I keep the membership forever?

According to me, you should. The part I do not like about Keto Box doesn’t mean you will not like the same as you are getting the new bunch of products every month in the box.

Although, It also gives you another reason to stay in the subscription is that it can help you to stay in ketosis. Whether you are losing fat or gaining muscles, it can be a long time snack of yours.

#4 Is there any cancellation charges for the membership?

That is the best part; if you plan to cancel your subscription, then there are no cancellation charges as of now. The Keto Box does not force anyone to stay in the subscription period they can pause or even can cancel their subscription as per their choice.

#5 Is there any assurance that I will receive a different but the quality piece of products in the box?

Keto Box is one of the top-rated product that is getting sold in high quantity in the market. Let me share you my experience. It has been six months since I subscribed Keto Box and till not I had received the best quality of products. That’s the reason. I am still under their subscription.

Fact, You don’t need to be worried, and if you think so, then you can contact them anytime for getting your box replaced with a new one.

#6 Is there any cost on shipping as well?

Shipping to some of the countries is free with all plans like the United States and some of the countries like Canada costs around 15.99$ for shipping.

However, you can check out their website for more information regarding the shipping cost.

#7 Why The Keto Box?

If there is one reason, then I should tell you, but there are many reasons to chose and to order The Keto Box. One of the main reason is Snacks contain in the box are very healthy and low in calorie as well & the second reason, It is far better than other sugary items and junks.

Another reason, they are offering a 100% money-back guarantee so in case if you do not like the product, you can easily avail their easy returns services and get your whole amount back.

Why You Need a Monthly Subscription?

1. The Cost:

Who doesn’t want to save money? This is the first reason why you should get into the monthly subscription by paying for three months or six months plan. Let me explain you.

Every month if you buy the box at the standard rate you will be getting the same 8-10 goodies in the box. By Subscribing to the more extended plans like three or six-month plans, you can save up to 5-10% of amount every single month. There will be total savings of 20$+ in the three months.

20$ Savings in Three months and 40$ in Six, It means you are getting one box of Keto Free every six months.

2. Surprise

Another reason, You will be surprised every month as they are good at running giveaways and exciting offers every month to their customers. You can even get more goodies in your box during any festival like Christmas. (They sent me preview goodies of Christmas last time)

3. Commitment

If you are a type of person who has commitment issues, then this is what The Keto Box is offering. Yes, The commitment. The commitment of not bonding you with their subscription plan.

Meanwhile, you are free to cancel your subscription anytime, and in fact, there are not any charges for the same.

Bottom Line

Getting into the diet is easy, but the following is difficult. All you need is a healthy bunch of products which will not help you to fulfill your cravings but the crunch that you need between your low carb or zero carbs meals in between.

The Keto Box is something that attracts every people who are conscious of their health and diet and still wants to fulfill their cravings. Finding snacks are tough if you are considering lower-calorie food, but with Keto Box, it is possible. However, we had done a detailed review of the same, and in the last, I would recommend the same to everyone who is like me. Trust me. I am having a lot of sweet cravings all day, But Keto Box solves my problem.

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The Keto Box is a monthly subscription box delivering 8-11 of the best low carb, keto friendly snacks. $40 a month, cancel anytime!

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