Quiet Mind Plus Review 2019 – Does It Really Work?

There is a time in our life stage where we need some supplementation to keep our mind and body active. Still, not all the supplement does works with everyone. It is vital to choose the right supplement for your brain and body because some of the unproven brands can even cause some side effects. Let’s find out in our quiet mind plus review if this supplement will meet our expectations or not?

Quiet Mind Plus Review

Quiet mind plus is a kind of nootropic supplement which premises to support cognitive brain function. It is also currently one of the most talked supplements in the market, not because it is famous and useful but because of it’s unproven statements. Also, there is very less or no information available about this supplement online.

What Does Quiet Mind Plus Do?

We mentioned it earlier that it is a kind of nootropic supplement used for improving cognitive brain functions. Quiet mind plus promises to deliver:

  1. Enhanced focus.
  2. Better memory function.
  3. Improved mood.
  4. Combats tinnitus.
  5. Reduced anxiety.

This is one of the unique nootropic supplement, and It is generally used for fighting tinnitus (persistent ringing in the ears). It is clear stack to help people stay focused and relaxed.

The manufacturer gives this statement, but the question is how true this supplement is? Does it really work? Also, are there any side effects of using this nootropic supplement? Let’s find out every answer in our review.

Quiet Mind Plus Ingredients

The negative point of this supplement there is no official website of this supplement, and also there is no ingredients list present over the internet. You will be shocked to find out only third-party websites are selling. That is the reason. We will be unable to show the exact ingredients list here.

However, we are able to find some simple list of ingredients.

  • Vitamin C
  • Niacin
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B6
  • Olive leaves
  • Buchu leaves
  • Hawthorn
  • Garlic
  • Uva ursi
  • Hibiscus

To be the instance, I’ll go through with a quick overview of each ingredient like what it actually does.

Vitamin C – Dose not mentioned

This doesn’t need much explanation as we all know about this powerful ingredient Vitamin C. It is one of the powerful antioxidants for the body which helps in improving the immune system, reducing free radicals in the skin and also to improve the skin structure.

Niacin – Dose not mentioned

It is another name of Vitamin B3, and it works on several vital functions in the body. The primary purpose of having Niacin is to keep our digestive system working and skin healthy.

Vitamin B12 – Dose not mentioned

It is one of the powerful Vitamin which body do not produce automatically and hence you need to have it from the foods or via supplementation. The primary purpose of having this Vitamin is for the synthesis of new blood cells, DNA cells repairing and keep our mental system in works.

Vitamin B6 – Dose not mentioned

Vitamin B6 is needed for improving metabolism in the individuals, and this ingredient is mostly used in pre-workout supplements. I don’t know why it has been added in Quiet mind plus as it does not have any nootropic properties which helps the brain functioning.

Extracts (Olive leaves, Buchu leaves, Hawthorn, Garlic, Uva ursi, Hibiscus) – Dose not mentioned

There are not only the Vitamins added in Quiet mind plus but also some of the plants, flowers and other things extract as well. These ingredients are for maintaining cardiovascular activities, joint health, cholesterol level, brain cognition, and reducing anxiety.

Side Effects

I believe I should be straightforward at first. I cannot call Quiet mind plus a safe supplement for use. I am not telling because of the negative review. In fact, I am speaking on the based of proofs and facts we have.

The fact is, there is no proper ingredients list mentioned on the supplement and nor the dosage of each ingredient disclosed. So, I cannot call this supplement safe without having adequate information for each ingredient and their dosage.

In the end, there may be some side effects as well. The list of ingredients we have added above is not all the ingredients used in this supplement. Therefore, I prefer to have an appointment with your doctor first before using Quiet mind plus as a nootropic supplement.


I already mentioned it earlier that Quiet mind plus is not a good supplement. There is no circumstance or possibility in which we should recommend this supplement to anyone. In fact, we do not believe in this supplement that it is capable of doing anything which it premies.

To be frank, It is also not a proper nootropic supplement, and It is only sold as one. That is why I have given a quiet mind plus reviews on this article. However, if you are looking for something which not only helps with brain functioning but also deal with the stress, then you can try out the complete nootropic supplement, which is Mind lab Pro.


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