Performance Lab Mind Review – Simple & Powerful Nootropic

Every day there is a new review published on nootropic supplements. Performance Lab Mind is currently one of the best nootropic supplements in the market. It has not been around from a very long time, but still, it is creating an excellent impression in the market. You will find most of the reviews positive for this supplement over the internet. It is all set to become one of the most significant brain supplements in the market.

Performance Lab Mind

You must have heard about some of the fake brands and most of the people also have purchased the same. That is the reason. It is hard to trust any other brand. However, some questions must be running in your mind like what exactly Performance Lab Mind do? Does it work? And why It is having a significant impact on the nootropic industry? I have given all the appropriate answers within this article.

What Does Performance Lab Mind Exactly Do?

If we go through the official website information, then Performance Lab Mind is a supplement which tends to help with mental recovery not only this but also helps to improve brain health. You can call it a full-spectrum and perfect nootropic supplement.

Performance Lab Minds claim to deliver these benefits to the people:

  1. Increased brain energy
  2. Enhances information processing
  3. Heightens focus & alertness
  4. Promotes a “flexible neural structure.”
  5. Boosts memory
  6. Increases cerebral blood flow
  7. Improves performance in high-stress environments

These are the list of benefits you are getting using this supplement. Most of the people still have some doubts about how correct this information is? And is there any side effects of using this supplement. To be the instance, we have added every bit of details in this review.

Performance Lab Mind Ingredients

It is always essential to check the list of ingredients used while manufacturing the supplement and prior using the same. It is only for your safety as some people do face some side effects if they are not constant of any particular ingredient.

You can check out the label for the ingredients list mentioned on the bottle. Although there are only four ingredients used to prepare the supplement, and that is the reason why we love the simplicity and stack of this supplement.

performance lab mind ingredients

To make sure you are clear enough to purchase this supplement, we have added a brief overview of every ingredient present in this supplement.

Citicoline – (Cognizin®) 250mg

Citicoline is one of the best cholinergic. This ingredient is one of the primary ingredients of Performance Lab Mind. It is usually to increase alertness, focus and facilitate learning. It is one of the best ingredients and quickly increases the acetylcholine levels on the brain. This results in improving the cognitive function of the brain, as well. This is not the end. It also promotes healthy brain cell formation. 250mg present in this supplement is more than enough to reap the full benefits of this ingredient.

Phosphatidylserine – (SharpPS Green®) 100mg

If something is vital for proper brain function, then it is Phosphatidylserine. You may call it as a principal constituent of brain cell membranes found in a vast and constant area of the brain. Phospholipid levels of the mind generally reduce as we age, and thus, we started having low concentration, less healthy brain cells and short term memory issues. However, supplementing with Phosphatidylserine increases the cognitive function of the brain.

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine – 300mg

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine is an amino acid. It is something which usually found in most of BCAAs and pre-workout supplements. The primary purpose of this ingredient to reduce high anxiety and stress of the brain. It also provides excellent mental performance. Most of the studies over the internet also state that it is beneficial for the people who are sleep deprived and also helps them to improve memory function.

Maritime Pine Bark Extract – (95% extract) 75mg

Maritime Pine Bark Extract is a house full of antioxidants that are mainly required by the body and the brain. Proanthocyanidins present in larger quantity in this supplement helps in reducing cell damage and free radical damage. I know that oxidative damage is small, but if it is effected in larger areas, then It can also affect brain health as well.

These are the list of four ingredients which has been used while making this supplement. I am really impressed by the composition of each ingredient and also with the results of the Performance Lab Mind.

How Much Performance Lab Mind Costs?

We know that there are many other brands which pretends to offer the same benefits along with the same composition of the ingredients at a lower price. However, not every brand and product is excellent, like Performance Lab Mind.

I agree the price range of this supplement is usually high from the competitions. But, according to me, It is worth spending some extra bucks for getting a safe and premium supplement.

One bottle of Performance Lab Mind will cost you around $50, excluding shipping charges (if applicable). You can get up to 10% discount if you purchase more than two bottles in a single purchasing. Likewise, the packaging of three bottles will cost you around 135$.

Are There Any Side Effects?

The thing I liked the most in this supplement is, It is considered a safe supplement. You will only find positive reviews of this supplement over the internet. There are very rare chances that one should have to go through any side effects. It is because nootropic supplements usually do not cause any side effects.

I also used this supplement, and I have not experienced any side effects after using this supplement for more than one month. The ingredients present in this supplement are also brilliant and added in proper composition. In the end, this nootropic supplement is a safe supplement, and It does not cause any side effects.

For more information, you can directly reach it out to the manufacturer.

How Long Should You Use Performance Lab Mind?

You can use it for a lifetime but along with a proper gap in between. However, It is required to use this supplement for a minimum of 2 months for getting proper results and effects. After two months, you can take a break and again continue after 15 days to break the plateau.

Where to Purchase Performance Lab Mind Online?

It is always advised to purchase health supplements from official websites only. It is because not only you will get a proper assurance of getting a genuine product but also with some discounts. You can purchase Performance Lab Mind from Amazon or official website.

You can get up to 10% discount if you prefer purchasing from the official website.

Performance Lab Mind Review Simple & Powerful Nootropic

Performance Lab Mind is currently one of the best nootropic supplements in the market. It is not only affordable but effective as well. I was extremely happy after using this supplement as I like to purchase the things which are simple and clear. Like, the supplement mentions every information on their website about ingredients, dosage etc.

The combination of improving brain cell health, reducing stress and improving cognitive function of the brain is excellent. Moreover, there is no side effect of using this supplement, aka Performance Lab Mind.


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