Penomet Review – Stop Being Shy About YOUR SIZE!

I should start this article using the sentence “stop being shy about your size”. It is because most of the women’s judge men by the size of the penis. That is the reason, the product like Penomet pump is so popular among men. It is not an entirely new thing though, because the first penis vacuum tube was created in 1874 by Dr. John King. After that, these kinds of devices started getting popular just like sex toys. In this article, I am going to share such product Penomet review.

Penomet is one of the best and safe penis enlargement device. The health field often accepts it for penis dysfunction. Penomet is equipped with the safety measures to limit maximum air pressure and also to prevent any injury to the user.

There are many such products available in the market, but they are most likely to rely on water-based pumps. There is a unique difference in both of the options, or you may call the devices. The difference is innovative interchangeable Gaiter System which allows you to gradually, safely and comfortably increase the pressure. In the end, Penomet seems fine to me but let’s learn more about this product within the article.

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How Does A Penis Pump Work?

To understand how a penis pump works, you should know first that the device consists of these parts:

  • A cylinder – It is usually made up of the transparent plastic.
  • A pump (silicone/rubber cylinder, handgrip, squeeze ball, plunger, or electric) attached at one end of the cylinder.
  • A pressure-release valve at the other end of the cylinder.

A pump creates a vacuum inside a cylinder where a flaccid penis has been inserted, which is the fundamental principle. When the pump is on, the pressure started decreases inside the cylinder, and the result, vacuum forces blood to fill the penis. An optional constriction ring at the base of the penis can help maintain a firm erection.

How To Use Penomet

For using a penis pump, these are the following general steps:

  • First, Insert your penis into the cylinder. The cylinder’s base must be held firmly against your pubic bone to have a good seal.
  • After that, Attach and operate the pump.
  • Once the penis becomes erect, hold the pressure for 10 to 15 minutes. If the vacuum is getting weaker, you may re-pump it.
  • Optional: slide down the ring into the lower end of the penis. It will keep blood inside the penis and maintain the erection.
  • Then release the vacuum and remove the pump.
  • Penis pumps do enhance blood flow to the penis and improve erection quality. They are proven as a traditional solution against ED and other forms of impotence.

Watch this How To Use Penomet Video.

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Pros Of The Penomet

Penomet is one of the best non-surgical ways to increase the size of the penis. It takes only15-20 minutes a day. And by that time the result is an increase of 2 inches or more after a few months of use. The rise in the period, the better will be the service.

The product costs just under $300.00 U.S.D making it one of the most affordable quality penis pumps available in the market.

Assorted Colors.

Most penis pumps offer a bright plastic colour or blue; the Penomet has a wide variety to choose.


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Moreover, It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee and a 3-year warranty,

Different Pressure Gaiters.

Most penis pumps come with a hand pump that eventually fails or breaks; the Penomet premium comes with interchangeable pressure gaiters that are durable. The water generates limited pressure levels, so these pumps are safer, more comfortable, and more versatile than their air-based counterparts.

  • Penis pumps provide a drug-free and non-invasive way of treating ED. Without drugs, injections or surgeries, vacuum erection devices have a lower risk for complications.
  • Penile pumps can be used in combination with other ED therapies, like oral medications and supplements.
  • For users who undergone the prostate surgery, penis pumps will help to restore the erectile function and penis size to their pre-surgery states.
  • As a penis enlargement method, a penis pump offers an alternative approach for the users who dislike taking penis growth supplements.
  • There are no additional costs attached to using the equipment after the purchase.
  • Medicare and many insurance policies offer coverage of certain expenses, especially for documented ED cases.

Cons Of The Penomet

Men who suffer from micropenis syndrome the Penomet will not be a useful device for them. This is the only downside to the Penomet.

Men suffering from Micro Penis syndrome should better look for any penis stretcher, which is more effective at treating the issue.

Size Limit Of 8 Inches With The Penomet.

Most of the men are having 4-5 inches of penis size as average, and for them, the Penomet is adequate. But you will need to consider another alternative if you are more significant than 8.

  • It is different from a natural erection which you will get from using a penis pump. The skin will be cold and numb, the veins are swollen, and the circumference is abnormally bigger.
  • Men could get the most benefit from penis pumps, which have moderate ED. They are not sufficiently effective for men whose ED is either mild or severe.
  • Men with obesity will have a hard time using penis pumps. Due to the fatty deposits in the abdomen, a good seal against the skin is difficult to achieve.
  • Use of penis pump can be tiring, that is why there is a high rate of discontinued usage. With the availability of
  • Viagra and other supplements, many users would just prefer to take oral medications than going through a penis pump routine.

Penomet Side Effects

The risks associated with the use of penis pump are kind of low. Still, some side effects have been commonly observed among users. There are some short-term effects observed by the users, which include:

  • The decrease in ejaculatory force due to the constriction ring.
  • There are some small bruises on the penis shaft.
  • Skin discolouration (purple skin, black or blue marks, red dots).

Extended usage could cause the following long-term effects:

  • Skin thickening;
  • Ruptured blood vessels.


You should take breaks. For instance, for air pumps, release air pressure every 10-15 minutes and take breaks for 3-5 minutes.

If you’re applying the constriction ring (especially during sexual intercourse), use it for up to 30 minutes only.
The beginners can use a penis pump twice to thrice per week in the initial weeks.

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Penomet Alternatives

If you find pumping as a tiring or ineffective method, you may opt for the extenders where you can set it up one time daily and leave it on while you do your usual routines.

Penis pumps use a vacuum which makes it an external device to draw the blood into the penis and obtain a firm erection.

What makes Penomet so different are the gaiters. What are gaiters? The answer is, these are, effectively, the part of the pump that will put pressure on the penis to help it extend. Virtually every penis pump on the market has a gaiter nowadays.

It makes a lot of sense. It is gradually increasing the pressure over time, and you’ll see more results, usually 65% faster than if you use a fixed gaiter which has the company found.

To make sure about the authenticity, the certificates have been granted the company. The company currently has three certifications, and these include:

  • CE: This certification means that the product meets EU legislation.
  • SGS: This classification means that this product is toxin-free, and it has been tested, certified, and inspected for quality.
  • ISO: This product meets the same standards as medical devices and tools, so it is safe to use.


Undoubtedly, this Penomet pump did its best. This is the only devices in which I can trust. I know there are many brands available for the enlargement of penis size, but after using Penomet, nothing could match the effect, safety and quality of this product. This product has created a strong fan base and considered as the only solution for the large penis size.

There are many reviews over the internet posting positive results. If you want to have its full potential exploitation, then consider purchasing the penomet premium that comes with five gaiters along with a variety of force. You can expect permanent results if you continue using this device for more than three months. Alternatively, you can go through our Penomet review for more details.


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