Noom vs Weight Watchers Compared [Updated 2019]

In today’s lifestyle, where people do not have time to keep themselves fit. Noom and weight watchers are the apps to keep them fit. Today we will compare Noom vs Weight Watchers.

Both are apps that lead you to a healthy living and a fit body without dieting. The idea of the apps is to reduce the consumption of calories by limiting your actual food choices.

Noom is not a diet; it’s a totally different personalized program that uses psychology and small goals so that you can lose the weight and keep it off for good. Noom is all about the number of calories you intake daily.

While Weight Watchers is an in-personal app which provides you to connect with coaches and other members registered on the app. Weight Watchers is a point system that helps you to have a count of the food you can intake and calories you burn with the activities you do during the day.

How Do Noom & Weight Watchers Work?

Noom is more focused on providing knowledge about how to eat through a scale from green to red. Here, green refers to the amount of food which you can intake and is suitable for being fit like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Red foods indicate not only junk food but include oils, butter, and specific sort of meats as well.
Noom helps the person to get rid of the unwanted fats by decreasing the intake of the portion size.

Weight watchers is a points program where every food has given specific points. The user can track all their meals on the app. One can meet or Connect to health coaches for more support and accountability. Their main motto is to encourage healthy eating habits.

Noom or Weight Watchers! Which One is Easier to Use?


You can do everything with the help of noom coach. You need to simply log in your diet and exercise, read articles, and stay in touch with your personal coach. The app allows you to log and track your data.

Further, you can access the database of the app about the food and obtain a wide range of food choices with calorie amounts mentioned with it. The foods featured are also color-coded so that you have an idea of which foods are right for your weight loss goals or not!

Weight Watcher

Unlike Noom program, weight watchers allows you to access everything from your phone. They allow you to sync it to any fitness trackers you have. This will help you track and log all your diet and fitness needs with ease. In case you want to choose the coaching package, you can access to unlimited one on one phone sessions with the experts.

Noom vs Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers does provide you with the live group meetings which you can attend and speak to members if you are not losing the weight. You can discuss everything, and the experts will assist you so well to get through.

How to Start using Noom and Weight Watchers?


It offers a personalized plan once you fill up your profile and take a quiz using their application. Once the app accesses your personal information like weight, exercise levels, and other factors, it will offer you a diet plan.

Moreover, the application will help you access the courses which are meant to help you learn how to adopt healthier eating habits. It is relatively easy to start with Noom, which, according to me, is the best thing about this app.

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers, is not an individual diet plan platform. It has the traditional books and cookbooks, but all the above is Weight Watcher Freestyle.

Weight Watchers freestyle is a plan that merges digital app technology, with some additional add ons such as workshops and a personal coach. These add-ons are optional.

To begin plan with Weight Watchers select which option is best for you, and then be directed to provide personal details.

Who Offers Better Support?


Noom weight loss program lets you access to your own personal coach, besides the fact that which membership option you choose.

The best part of having the persona coach is you’ll get the access to the person 24/7. So, in case you need to ask anything about a particular subject, you have a personal coach available.

Weight Watchers

The support depends on the membership you choose. Moreover, you can select the type of support you need. The good thing is you’ll get a variety of options for your health and fitness needs.

Also, you get access to the live group meetings and personal coaches; however, you have the 24/7 support too. Therefore, you can choose from the online support, or live support which option you love.

How Customizable Are the Plans?

Fortunately, with the digital model, both Noom and Weight Watchers offer plans that keep individual needs in mind. Both the apps ask you for weight and activity levels and connect you with the plans catered to your individual needs. However, there are few areas where both the programs have dissimilarities.


Noom offers you the diet plan that is personalized according to your preferences. Moreover, these courses are meant to help you eat healthier. No matter which plans you sign up with, your coaches and the comment will surely help your overall fitness goals.

Weight Watchers

On the other hand, Weight Watchers offers entirely different plans depending on the plan which you select. The initial digital plan gives you the food, activity, and weight trackers based on the statistics you provide, and it works like a tracking application.

The personal trainer’s plan allows you to unlimited phone calls as well as texts to a trainer who provides a schedule, habits, nutritional, and fitness tips.

Overall, Noom has some of the excellent features; however, a lot of them are hidden from the plain view. Now, both Noom and Weight Watchers offers a personal coach and gives you access to a larger community. Moreover, they offer you courses or workshops, depending on the subscription plan.


Noom Pricing– They have several subscriptions. The minimum subscription is for a month. Longer, the plan cheaper would be the cost one has to bear.

Weight Watchers Pricing– They provide certain special offers for 3 to 6 months subscriptions.

What Are the Dissimilarities?

Here are some of the dissimilarities between both the program. Let’s see which offer more and which one loses the battle.

1. Track Of Calories

Noom helps the one to have a count on their calories to be in-take. It tells about the food ingredients and type, and the amount of food one can consume.

Weight Watchers doesn’t provide any tracking on calories as they have a point system for everything person consumes.

2. Coaching Team

Well, the most significant difference between Noom and Weight Watchers is the quality and experience of the coaches. Moreover, the majority of weight watcher coaches are ex weight watcher users who successfully lose weight.

Now the best thing about weight watcher coaches is they can act as a source of inspiration for a lot of people. However, on the other hand, the Noom coaches team Exercise Physiologists, RDs, Social Workers, as well as Certified Personal Trainers.

3. Key Elements of the System

Both the programs Noom and Weight Watchers have different philosophies on food. Weight Watchers has their point system while on the other hand, Noom uses a color system to find the calorie density.

Now calorie density is based on the idea that foods with the same calories fill you differently. These are categorized as water density, nutritional content, richness in fiber, and so on.

Why Most of the Diets Fail?

Those who are looking to shed from some weight may start with a good deal of confidence, commitment, and yes, the head starts on losing some pounds. As, it is difficult to pinpoint a specific percentage; however, the reality is most of the diet plans fail.

You have seen a lot of articles suggesting that dieting doesn’t work. The reasons why this dieting fails primarily depends on the person as well as the situation. So, here is the reason why dieting fails.

Intense Diets

Apart from allergies, a diet that eliminates an entire food group, allows no treats. Moreover, diets that are low calorie have a high risk of failure.

Diet Plans that doesn’t suit your Lifestyle – It is one of the fundamental reason why a lot of diet plans fail. If you go with a plan that only motivates you to lose weight, then you might get fail. The reason being is any diet plan you opt for should be realistic for your personal tastes, preferences as well as lifestyles.

The best plans will always help you to eat with others so that you don’t feel left out.

Set Unrealistic Goals

This one is the problem which the majority of people face as they expect to lose too much weight in a shorter period of time. Setting unrealistic goals for body shape and size can also be harmful. Try using an ideal weight calculator to see if your goals make sense.

Notice your Calories

Low calories are an ideal way to lose weight faster. However, too low calories can set you at a higher risk at either falling off or even develops an eating disorder. Fundamentally, it is being said that your diet should be calorie-controlled, but most of the experts said that “healthy adults should intake 1200 calories in a day.”

Is There Any Other Difference Between Noom & WW?

We have compared both Noom vs. Weight Watchers, and one thing which I think is the best is they both work on a smartphone. Both the programs use your personal profile to offer you a plan with the best fit possible. Also, both the programs are relatively easy to use and sign up for.

Noom principally focuses on how to eat “on the scale from green to red” so that you opt for good lifelong habits.

While on the other end, Weight Watchers offers you a Smart Points Program. The program states that you can transfer points you don’t use in a day to the next day. You may feel like eating more or less on some days.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q1. Is Noom good for losing weight?

A1. Yes, It’s a good app for losing weight. Its main aim is to bring your attention to what you eat and whatnot.

Q2. What is the purpose of Weight Watchers?

A2. The purpose of the app is to help you losing weight without saying no to eating delicious foods you love. They aim to understand the difference between good and bad food.

Q3. Does Noom and Weight Watchers be used by the person of any age?

A3. The answer is yes. Depending upon there lifestyle, age, weight, and health.

The Bottom Line

In the fast-paced life, we all need an app that can track everything and give daily reports directly on the phone, and Noom exactly does that! Further, I’ll advise you to first go with Noom 14 days plan and then go for the bigger subscription.

Moreover, Weight Watchers is improving its appeal, and they have traditional plans when it comes to both substances as well as delivery. Ultimately, both the apps are life-changing if you want to be part of it. Both the programs make you aware of what you’re putting into your body, and the way of thinking alone can bring significant differences.

Well, in the battle of Noom vs Weight Watchers things got messy when you have two decent and substantial diet plan options. Now, when it comes to the winner than I would end my statement by saying is Noom is the perfect kit for you.

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Compare Noom vs Weight Watchers. See which plan is more proven and established to help people lose weight and feel healthier.


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