Noom Vs Weight Watchers – Which App Should You Pick?

We know that there are many fitness programmes available on the internet. However, we can not choose every other program based on advertisements only. I already worked as a fitness instructor for more than ten years. In these ten years, I only learnt about the quality and experience of any fitness instructor for changing habits and the lifestyle of any particular person. This is why I prefer choosing an online coaching platform. I signed up for a trial of Noom and am going to do a Noom vs Weight Watchers comparison.

You may have noticed that whenever you type weight loss app in the play store or app store of your smartphone. The two applications always across first in the list. The two applications are Noom and Weight Watchers. It is because the customers highly and positively rate these two applications. The purpose of this article is only to show a difference between both of the coaching program and see which one is better.

What is Noom Coach?

Noom Coach is a free application which is available for both Android and iOS users. It is a kind of programme which provides personal coach, meal tracking and counting calories option under the application. It is not the end. You can also create and discover many meal plans under this application.

Noom Coach App

The application itself is available to download for free at no extra cost. You can simply start by signing up on the app and then start using it. The developers and the fitness industry experts claim that correctly using their free features can make a good impact on any person lifestyle.

However, the majority of positive reviews are about its personal coaching program. Their coaching service is so excellent that people do not hesitate to purchase any premium service. If you think the information I am mentioning is wrong, then you can start yourself by taking a 14 day trial of Noom coach for 1$.

You can directly interact with the customer service or personal coach that will be assigned to you for any clarifications, healthy living, diet and exercise. The personal coach will be available with you via your smartphone 24/7. The developers of the application also claim that if you daily record your meals, then at the end of the day, you will be getting meal improvement suggestions from the app itself. This feature is even available in the free plan.

This application is widespread, and It is only because of their different approach towards fitness industry and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Since the whole idea to reduce fat is to burn more calories than we consume.

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What is Weight Watchers?

It is a health and weight loss program which helps people to lose their unwanted body fat sustainably.

The good news is, WW Internations Inc also comes with a smartphone application which makes it easier to track the food and amount of calories we daily consume. Moreover, there is also an exercise program which you can perform in your workout place.

Wait! This is not the end. You can also find some quality and healthy restaurant-style recipes using this application. It is a massive approach from Weight watchers and why not? This application is running since the 1960s. I know It is hard to believe that, but it is the only truth.

Weight Watchers

We know that the main idea behind the concept of weight loss is to burn more calories than we consume. It means we should need to be in a caloric deficit. Therefore, It does not matter the type of food we eat but the matter of the portion.

Example: If you eat a slice of pizza consisting of around 500 calories than you need to reduce your intake in the dinner to make sure you do not cross the daily limit. It is a proven concept, and you can also check out the case studies of other professionals for the assurance.

This is how weight watchers do work.

Comparing Noom and Weight Watchers

I always try to avoid random suggestions and comparisons. You may have received different comparisons on the other websites, but I still believe in the facts. That is the reason. I have decided to look in more depth in both of the application before writing up the comparison.

Noom Vs Weight Watchers

I have created a few points based on my observations with both of the health applications. The points are based upon the experience and how can the application help anyone to achieve their fitness goal. Let’s check it out.

1. Calorie Tracking: Winner = Noom

It is not difficult to understand the concept of calories. The only simple formula you need to remember is that you need to burn more calories daily than you consume. In the result, you will lose weight.

It is not a difficult task to lose weight. I myself lose around 10 pounds of weight in just six weeks by following an appropriate diet and exercise plan. I Repeat it is only the calories we take in and out that matters, and for this, we need to be more sure about what we eat and how many calories does a particular portion having.

counting calories

In the comparison of calorie tracking, it is clear that Noom is the winner. It is because the noom is having a more massive database than weight watchers and along with ingredients and portion size control options. Moreover, the company claims that they have added almost every meal in the application, so the user won’t find it challenging to find out the exact calories.

On the other side, Weight watchers do not work in this way. It does not merely track the calories as noom does. It only gives points to the health score bar for drinking water and logging up the meals.

This is why Noom is a clear winner in terms of calorie tracking.

2. Free Trial: Winner = Weight Watchers

Both of the health applications offer a free trial to the customers. It is right after all the customer needs to think and try anything before investing anything for their health.

Noom is providing a 14 Day Free trial access to its customers for only 1$. You will get full support, and each features included in a premium program. You will not get billed if you cancel your program within 14 days of trial activation as I mentioned earlier that you would be having full access to the premium features of noom and that too along with a personal coach.

free trial

On the other side, Weight watchers do work on a monthly billing system and also provide the customers with full premium access for the one month at no extra cost.

For this reason, The weight watchers are the winner in this case.

3. Support: Winner = Weight Watchers

Support is the first that we need to consider while choosing any online coaching platform for the weight loss journey. If I look at the reviews of both applications, then most of the time the weight watchers is always first to provide hectic support to the customers.

To be the instance, I have tested noom, and most of the time, the questions I posted get answered within 24 hours. There is also an active facebook group of Noom where you can take the help of other customers and expert as well.

support logo

While as, the weight watcher is in this game since 1960 and that is why it is having some unofficial forums, groups and a priority support system. Most of the queries are answered within 2 hours.

So It is clear that weight watchers are the winner again.

4. Coaching: Winner = Noom

Both of the applications allow the customers to opt for the premium plan. In both of the plans, the customer will get a personal coach. It is not any computer program that will help you every time; in fact, the real human dietician will be with you every time via your smartphone.

If we check out the reviews, then most of the reviews are in favour of Noom coach. It is because the advise, diet and motivation they received from the noom coach does works for them in real life.


On the other side, Weight watchers also provide the personal coach in their premium plan, but most of the reviews for this service are not in favour of Weight watchers. The customers say sometimes the response of the dietician is very late and hectic.

In this case, I can clearly say that Noom is the winner in providing the best coaching to the customers.

5. Ease of Use: Winner = Noom

Achieving weight loss goals has never been an easy task. It is not easy to keep track of calories and what we eat in a pen or paper. I can think of those days where this was the only method to count and track calories.

calorie counting app

That is the reason. Fitness applications are in the trend. Noom is having millions of food database to tell you what you have to eat along with the particular portion. Wherever the weight watcher does not work in this way. Instead of telling you the calories, It does only provide the points for healthy eating.

In this case, I can again mention that noom coach is the winner for ease of use in the application.

6. Cost: Winner = Noom

We know that both of the applications offer premium coaching service. Therefore, we can quickly make a comparison of their plans and compare which one is cheaper and more effective.

Let me start from Noom coach. Their monthly plan starts from $59.99, and the annual plan will cost you around $199. Still, It is affordable if you choose the yearly plan.


In weight watchers. The personal coaching program will cost you around 54.95$ per month after one month of the free trial. Generally, It will cost more if you use it for a longer time.

In this case, The noom coach is again a winner in terms of pricing and offering premium services to the customers.

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Noom Vs Weight Watchers – Who Won?

As I mentioned earlier, the most effective way to lose weight is to control our eatings and stay focused. However, the fitness application and personal coach programs are a great addition. The personal coach like me can help you in the GYM during your workout, but it is you only who has to work on eating habits and to eat healthy at regular intervals.

Based on our research and the points I have mentioned above. We have concluded that going for a noom coach is better than weight watchers. It is because not only it offers affordable annual plans but also the services which can help you in the long run for eating healthy and staying motivated all of the time.

You can download Noom coach from the app store for free of cost and start your free trial of 14 days by spending only 1$.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Noom good for losing weight?

Yes, It’s a good app for losing weight. Its main aim is to bring your attention to what you eat and whatnot.

2. What is the purpose of Weight Watchers?

The purpose of the app is to help you losing weight without saying no to eating delicious foods you love. They aim to understand the difference between good and bad food.

3. Does Noom and Weight Watchers be used by the person of any age?

The answer is yes. Depending upon there lifestyle, age, weight, and health.

The Bottom Line

I have made a simple comparison of both of the health applications. Similarly, you can check it out the Noom coach is the clear winner from weight watchers in most of the terms and I also prefer going for a noom coach is the better option if you think in investing in an online personal coaching program.

This is my comparison of Noom vs Weight Watchers. We know that both of the applications are best at their place. Still, most of the customers were confused to choose the better program among both of them.


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