Noom Green Foods List – How To Eat More and Still Lose Weight

When it comes to losing weight, all things that matter is the calorie intake. It is a simple formula that if you are burning more calories than you eat throughout the day, then it is evident that you will lose weight. However, It is not that many comfortable people think. Most of the people do not know about the right foods like what they have to eat throughout the day to keep their tummy full. That is why I have added the Noom Green foods list in this article.

The mental aspect is very important whenever anyone tries to lose weight or gain muscles. If you are struggling to lose weight, then most probably it is because of your mental aspect and not to eating right. That is where the application like Noom helps. Anyway, Let’s check out the database of Noom.

Losing Weight is All About CALORIES!!!

I mentioned it earlier that the losing weight is all about eating right and be in a caloric deficit. The caloric deficit is the state where we burn more calories than we consume throughout the day and then. It is evident that we will lose weight.

Some of the people take this differently. Eating fewer calories is not only the thing but eating right, and sufficient portion plays the most crucial role in the fitness industry.

The fact, It is essential to eat the right amount of calories from the right food. However, the questions which arise in everyone mind. Is it possible to stay satisfied and full even in caloric deficit diet?

burn more calories

The answer is yes. It is possible to keep ourself satisfied and full. There are plenty of low-calorie dense foods available in the market, and it will not break your diet even if you consume them in a larger quantity.

Let me make a comparison. Let’s assume you consume a cup of raisins, and the cup of raisins has more than 500 calories in it. On the same time, if you consume a full cup of grapes, then you will be only getting 62 calories per cup. You will still be getting the same feeling even in fewer calories. So what matter is the water-rich dense based foods.

Why Should You Consume More Water-rich Foods?

Does the next question arise after checking out the above paragraph that why we should consume more water-rich foods? If yes, then the answer is since volume plays a vital role in making us feel full and satisfied. Hence, It is important to find out the ways that will keep us full and satisfied without eating a lot of calories.

From the water-rich foods, I mean it because the water in the food dissolves the calories in it and make it a low-calorie dense food to eat. This will allows you to eat more in less amount of calories.

Water-rich Foods

You will find the list of some low-calorie dense and green foods list on the Noom database or whenever you are on its premium subscription plan.

There Are More Than 3.7 Millions of Noom Database to Choose From

This makes the noom weight loss program much effective than others. The 3.7 millions of food database in it allows you to choose a healthy and alternative solution for every time.

You can search out for any foods in the noom database using your smartphone or else you can ask your noom coach for the same. The amount of calories and other nutritional information is given on each of the food.

Noom Green Foods List

The noom has a proper database for the green foods list, which is low in calories. They use a colour faded system for the users. Example, there are three colours to choose from, and every colour defines the intensity of the calories in each food item. Anyway, I am talking about the green foods list then you can prefer choosing the green colour on the application.

Noom Green Foods List



The noom is one of the perfect application for all the weight watchers. You can not only log the foods in the application but also can subscribe to its premium plan for more options like having a 24/7 personal trainer. I know that managing a diet is very difficult, but with noom It is possible.

You can log your foods daily on the application, and the noom will automatically suggest you the right meal even in the free plan. There are plenty of noom green foods list and low-calorie dense foods to choose from. Many people have found this application helpful, and It is the time for you to start your weight loss journey with noom.


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