Noom Coach vs MyFitnessPal – Which App Should You Pick?

Whenever it comes to losing weight, the only thing that matters is the calories intake. It is simple. If you burn more calories throughout the day than you consume, then it is obvious you will burn fat. Therefore, you need to keep track of the calories you consume daily. We also know that there are too many weight loss programs, and from too many, the Noom coach and the MyFitnessPal are the only right ones. However, the question is which program is the best? Noom Coach vs MyFitnessPal.

Instead of writing down every meal into the register. You should take the help of some electronic applications for doing this task. I already mentioned it above that calorie counting is more critical whenever we are going throughout the fat loss journey. However, In this article, I will be checking both of the fitness programs and will also mention the things that make them different from each other.

Noom Coach VS MyFitnessPal – Comparison

Noom Coach –

  • A dedicated coaching team.
  • Unlimited access to a Health Professional.
  • 24/7 Personal and Group support.
  • Fully Customized Plan.
  • Easy to use Food Logging and Calorie tracking.
  • Over a Thousand Healthy Recipes that you can log.
  • Award-Winning Technology.

MyFitnesspal –

  • Comprehensive Database of over 3 million foods.
  • Scan bar codes, save your favourites, add multiple foods, save entire meals at once.
  • Create your Foods and Exercises.
  • Track all Major Nutrients and keep Progress Reports.
  • View Personal Goals.
  • Backup you Data Online.
  • Diet with Friends and easily Track and Support each other’s progress.

Key Differences

Both of the programs primarily duty is to help out the people who are obsessed with their fat. The primary responsibility is to help out the people tracking their daily meals and the calories they eat throughout the day.

noom coach vs myfitnesspal

Let me compare some key features of both programs, and this will help in deciding which program is better and why?

Noom Coach: There are many fitness programs, but not all of them guides you properly or provide a personal coach. Noom is the program where you will get 24/7 personal coach to help you out in any case.

MyFitnessPal: In the support system. They usually lack and cannot provide 24/7 personal support. You need to post on their community for getting a reply and also, you can not ask for the personal coach from Myfitnesspal.

1. Calorie Tracking: Winner = Noom

Noom Coach: Noom is perfect for quickly logging our daily meals and foods along with the nutritional information. However, I have added some eggs, and the usual caloric information of the egg was 80, but on the application, it is 78.

MyFitnessPal: MyFitnessPal has the Database of millions of foods, and the same case happens to me in MyFitnessPal as well. In this, the two calories were extra. Hence, the caloric comparison of both programs depends upon the source of information.

3. Support: Winner = Noom

Noom Coach: In any situation, I prefer noom only. The noom support system if for those who lack motivation and discipline. This is why noom coaching is so unique. It is because not only you are getting excellent tools to help you out during weight loss but also the team of professionals for any kind of support.

In noom, you are not only getting a trainer but also some experts with years of experience.

MyFitnessPal: There is only a community forum in the name of support system in MyFitnessPal.

However, they do offer both the free and paid version. The benefit of using the paid version, you will be getting priority support for the service only and not for the losing weight.

4. Cost: Winner = MyFitnessPal

Noom Coach: If you are only looking for the application to track down your daily calories intake, then the free version of noom is enough to make it possible. You can register yourself, set the target weight goal and then you can start noting down your calories.

Alternatively, if you go with the premium package, then you will be getting access to the personal health coach support system along with some experts advise as well. Their support system is available for 24/7. The premium plans are starting from $49.50/month, and for the four-month plan, it will cost something around 32.50$/month.

MyFitnessPal: There is both free and paid access is available on MyFitnesspal. There is nothing much difference in between the free plan and the premium plan.

You can get a premium plan for the whole year in just 49.90$. The premium plan includes.

  • Nutrient Dashboard.
  • Food Analysis.
  • Set calorie goals by meal.
  • Daily exercise calorie goals.
  • Add carbs, protein, and fat by grams.

Most likely, these features are available in the free version as well.

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Noom Coach Vs MyFitnessPal. If we go through the above comparison, then we can check it out that noom is the winner. However, in the aspects of calorie counting, then both of the programs do their best. Both programs are having millions of food database. In the end, you can opt for the noom coaching if the personal support is all you need.


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