Ketologie Keto Shake – Best Keto Shake on the Market!

In recent times, a lot of people shifted to Keto diets to be a fit and energetic an entire day. Products like Ketologie Keto Shake makes your supplementation easy and helps you avoid your sugar cravings as well.

Now, if you’re a poor planner who strays from their diet and eating too many carbs or not enough fat can throw you out of Ketosis process. Well, to avoid glitches in your diet, the company has recently launched their famous 21-day keto Kickstarter where you learn some goodies about their services.

What is Ketologie?

Ketologie is a new supplement provider which is designed for those who are on a tight ketogenic diet. The products offered by Ketologie has a label highlights that the product is made up to 75% fat, 20% protein, as well as <2% net carbohydrates.

Now, as you are following a tight keto diet, it is incredibly useful to have a Ketologie rather than a regular protein shake. Having a keto diet helps you get an effective and wide range of health benefits. So, you need a careful application of highly accurate dietary measurement to get the best results.

The Ketologie range is devise to provide high fat, protein content supplementation with minimal carbohydrates content. In addition to this, the drink also offers you a tasty and effective alternative to the potent but unpalatable practice of drinking coffee with butter or ‘Bulletproof coffee.’



  • It uses grass-fed bovine collagen protein.
  • Ketologie can be used in a hot drink, like coffee, to make a keto ‘Cafe Mocha Drink.’
  • Helps you fight against Fatigue Level 3 and higher.
  • The ingredients available in Ketologie Keto Shake are 100% natural and are sugar-free.

Ketologie Keto Shake – MY Experience & VERDICT

Ketologie makes nutrition shakes and supplements specifically designed for people on the ketogenic diet. Their product range includes bone broth, collagen supplements, and keto-specific high fat protein shakes, the subject of this review.

Ketologie Keto Shake


The ingredients in it slightly vary from flavor to flavor, but the standard and most beneficial ingredients are as follows:-

Coconut Oil – It is one of the healthiest fats around, and it’s quite popular in keto dieting circles. Moreover, coconut oil is suitable for both heart and brain and is medium-chain triglycerides as well as MCTs. Coconut oil can help you increase ketone production and offers you a sustainable source of energy.

Collagen Peptides – This one is a versatile source of protein that promotes bone, joint as well as skin health. They contains grass-fed bovine collagen for high digestibility, clean taste as well as smooth texture.

Sea Salt – Well, sea salt is fundamentally a source of flavor which contains iodine for intensifying thyroid function and health. Apart from that, Sea Salt available in Ketologie is a good source of minerals called electrolytes that help you ward off too many symptoms of keto flu. It can also help you fight headaches, nausea, and muscle cramps.

Natural Flavours – It comes in three great tastes, and each one of them is naturally flavored. The flavors come from the ingredients like Dutch Cocoa as well as Vanilla Extract.

Organic Plant Sweeteners – Well, Ketologie shakes doesn’t use sugar or harsh artificial sweeteners. It has an entirely natural taste because the nutrients present in it are natural plant-based alternatives to sugar. Also, these plant-based alternatives have no impact on your blood sugar and have little to the fraction of calories.

How To Use It Properly?

Well, there are a lot of different ways in which you can use Ketologie Shakes. The easiest among all is to add two scoops of power or one pre-measured 60g sachet and mix it with approx 300-350ml of either water or your favorite unsweetened nut milk. Once you’ve added the sachet and water, use a standard protein shaker or a blender and mix it well.

Note:- You can use the blender and add ice to make the drink thicker and creamier.

In case you want a lighter shake, you can add one scoop, i.e., 30g of powder and half the amount of water. This option is quite useful if you want a 150-calorie keto snack rather than an entire 300-calorie meal.


Ketologie Keto Shake offer the following benefits and here are some of them which we have mentioned:-

Source of Protein – These are the excellent source of muscle-building, stomach-filling, as well as, metabolism-boosting protein. On ketone, 20-30% of your calories should come from protein; however, it’s not always beneficial to cook food which is high in protein like eggs, meat, and fish.

Faster Recovery from Exercise – Working out needs a lot of energy, and the sooner you recover, the faster you’ll be able to hit back to the gym and do it all over again. Ketologie shakes primarily contain all the nutrition which you need to kick-start the process. They are a good source of electrolytes, which are the minerals and helps you lose your sweat.

Healthier Skin, Hair & Joints – Collagen present in Ketologie shakes are an essential protein which helps you in tissue repair and health. Also, these are good for our skin, hair, nails, as well as bones. Moreover, collagen can also help you hold back the time and age more slowly.

Helps you beat your Cravings – It happens with a lot of us when you quit carbs and shifted to an entire keto diet it can trigger your sugar cravings. Now, giving in to your desires will derail your diet.

However, with Ketologie shakes, you can enjoy the sweet-tasting treat without ruining your diet.

Everyone is busy in their own lives, and not everyone has time to follow the correct diet routine. Moreover, when it comes to the Ketogenic diet. It becomes more difficult. It is because we not only restricted from the carbohydrates, but everything consists high in calories. That is the reason. Ketologie brings the supplementation part for the quick preparation of the meals. However, Let’s learn about the 21-day Ketologie Kickstart program.

The 21-Day Ketologie Kickstart Program | Your Roadmap to Success

There is a reason why this program is gaining a lot of buzz over the internet and only for the first 21 days of the ketogenic diet. It is because the early 21 days of the ketogenic diet are the hardest phase, and you might feel some side effects in the starting phase. Moreover, you will also miss your high carbohydrates food. Likewise, you will wish to eat a bun full of calories.

Also, you might feel discouraged because you will not see any significant benefits. That is why Ketologie 21-Day Kickstart program is designed to make the transition into the low-carb or no-carb diet lifestyle as convenient as possible. They will not only help you to send supplements but also helps you to prepare a diet plan, send some cool accessories, give you access to the community and many more things.

This program is specially designed for the people who are starting this diet for the first time. Honestly, I wish I should have this program when I have started my Ketogenic diet as It was so difficult in the starting phase. It makes a lot of the hardest part straightforward and quick to follow.

What precisely it does is provide meal replacements, supplements, recipes and generally everything a person needs to follow the diet. So, instead of preparing meals and going for food shopping in the market you can stick to this program as the calories and nutrients are same as the real meals.

The fact is, If you are right in stick to the diet, then I don’t think you need this supplement. But, it definitely helps the people who are struggling in the starting phase of their diet.

Ketologie Kickstart Program

So, Taking Ketologie 21 Day Progam Worth It?

I would prefer it. If the only reason is you could not be able to follow your diet plan In the starting stage of the ketogenic program. There are tons of benefits of having this program as you not will get the right supplements, meal replacements, but also the recipes along with a structured diet plan to meet your specific fitness goals.

The Bottom Line

A study has found that protein shakes are beneficial while you’re on a ketogenic diet. Naturally low in calories, they provide an easy way to get your protein intake up by 20 to 30% in a day. On the other hand, the majority of protein shakes are low in nutrients and are not particularly designed for ketogenic diets.

Now, Ketologie Keto Shakes are quite different from other ketone shakes. These are formulated for only ketogenic diets and is designed to support your ketogenic diet efforts, including coconut oil, collagen peptides as well as organic natural sweeteners.

These are an overall keto meal, which is ideal for your snack or meal replacement. You just need to mix it up with water and drink it – easy. Also, you can replace it with keto-friendly recipes such as chia pudding as well as chia late.

Overall, if you’re looking for ready in seconds keto meal, a post-workout energy boost, or a shot of ketone-producing MCTs, then you must give a try to Ketologie Keto Shake. These are designed for diet high-fat protein shake mixes which you’re looking for! Now, if you’ve any queries or suggestions, then do let us know in the comment section.


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