Keto Mojo Review – Is It The Best Gadget For Keto’ers?

The ketogenic diet is something that is running in trends as of now. The ketogenic diet is one of the hardest diets that require dedication and patience, as well. However, It is worth giving a commitment and endurance for a while because the results are amazing. But, most of us are desperate to know like we are doing it right or not. There are some doubts as well in mind. No worries, Keto Mojo is here.

Keto-Mojo is a blood ketone checker monitor which tells us about our body that we are going into the right track and if our body enters into the ketosis mode. It is eventually used to improve our results and to clear our doubts. There are many blood ketone checkers available in the market, but we don’t know about their stability of work, or sometimes, we do not want to trust any other brands.

What is Keto Mojo?

Keto-Mojo is one of the new approved FDA gadgets to test the ketone levels of our body, and it can use for checking the sugar levels of diabetes patients as well.

Keto Mojo

Like most of the Ketone blood checkers, it checks the level of beta-hydroxybutyrate in your body by inserting the blood test strip into the reader. The company claims Keto-Mojo to be the best & accurate reader for checking out the ketones level in our body and, the readings given in millimolar concentration or mmol (Medical measurement of ketones).

By using the add on into your home, you can get the accurate readings of:

  • Ketones
  • ​Glucose
  • ​Hemoglobin
  • ​Hematocrit

Important note: Although the recommended level of ketones in blood levels is 1.5-3.0 mmol. But, if you are feeling well and good with the fat loss along with energy, then there is nothing you need to worry about the readings of the machine.

Why all the Hype?

In the very beginning, we were like nothing to care about our body or fitness level but, due to the increasing number of people indulging in the fitness industry with having the dream for fat loss. It changes up the way of marketing.

Most of the readers pretend to be the best and accurate in the market, but, there are reasons that I should trust Keto-Mojo for ketone blood checking.

  • FDA-Approval: FDA medically approves this gadget for managing T1, T2, and gestational diabetes.
  • 4 Daily Alarms: You can make sure to test at the same times daily by setting four alarms.
  • ​Affordable Strips: Each ​strip cost nothing compare to the average prices of blood tests, so you can check several times per day without breaking the bank.
  • ​Large Backlit LCD Screen: The large backlit LCD screen found it easy to read even in the night as well.
    Apart from this, Keto-Mojo is having a lifetime warranty, and the strips last for 18 months minimum.

Best Things about Keto Mojo:

There are a few things that you need to know so that you can understand the actual worth of using technology at your home. It not only saves your cost but the time as well.

  • Blood Testing can be expensive
  • Time Wastages

Things, you need to do just for one time is code your device.

1. Blood Testing Can Be Expensive:

Blood testings usually can cost in $$, but you can save this amount by investing for once in purchasing this product. It is a one-time investment that provides you a lifetime relief.

2. Time Wastages:

We do waste our time for getting our blood checked at medical science labs. The use of Keto-Mojo can save that time, That you can utilize in your other works.

3. You Need to Code Once:

The only thing you need to do is code your device first before using it. You need to place the code strip into the top of the reader, and you are good enough to go.

How To Use Keto Mojo?

We always get excited after receiving our new device, and we often make some mistakes in the first use as well. So, to not to make the same mistakes we have added the list so you can check it out for using Keto-Mojo.

1. Quick Setup:

You need to open the battery hatch at the back of the device, and You’ll find the yellow button next to your batteries place, click that button by using any pencil to set up your device.

Set the time, date, and other details accordingly by using the given buttons. It is essential to set up everything correctly else; you will end up receiving error messages of strips.

2. Precode Your Device:

The second thing you need to do is precode your device, and you can do this by placing the strip into the top of the reader.

3. Use Your Lancet:

You need to turn out the top cap above the cylindrical device. It is to adjust the depth of equipment as the device won’t know about the skin structure of yours.

Some of us do carry some extra fat so, to change that we need to set the frequency in the device.

4. Ready for Readings:

You are done with the setup of your device. Now you have to take out the strip place in the reader and, put your fingerprint on the reader.

That’s it. It will take some of your blood samples and shows you the readings in seconds.

Keto Mojo VS Precision Xtra:

There are many other blood ketone readers available to purchase in the market and to clear out some of the doubts regarding keto-mojo we are comparing with the top brand like Precision Xtra.

Let’s have a look at the comparison between these two.

While the Keto-Mojo is new in the industry and already providing the affordable benefits but, the precision Xtra is in the market from a long time and trusts me, it is 5X expensive than purchasing Keto-Mojo.

Some of the vital impacts of Keto Mojo are:

  • ​10-Second Results
  • ​No Coding Necessary
  • ​Easy to Use Strips

We have the winner, and the winner is Keto-Mojo. It is not only affordable, but it is five times faster the Precision Xtra as well.

Overall Performance:

The Keto Mojo is the first device I ordered for checking the blood levels of ketones present in my body. I ordered this last month as since the last month I started focusing on my Ketogenic Diet again and to know whether I am doing it right or not, I ordered this device by checking the reviews over the internet.

My experience with this device is pretty good. The cost of the products also seems average for me compare to the other ketones blood checkers in the market. The best part of the device I liked the most is:

It does provide the lifetime warranty for the device and 18 months warranty for the strips and the second good thing I liked is the cheaper test rates, which are around 0.99$ per test.

What I Don’t Like About Keto-Mojo is:

There is nothing I would say like the disadvantages of this product. But, Yes, after the usage for several months, I do not there you will need this device again to test your ketone blood levels.

After several months, your body will adapt the ketones, and there would be more chances the ketones likely to be wasted out the body. If you test out the strip, you often get some negative or fewer results. However, there is nothing to worry about for the same if you get so as by the time our human body gets the functionality of using more ketones for energy, and they are less like to waste.

The fact is, It only test the waste amount of ketones in our body.

Where to Buy Keto Mojo?

The only place you will find the original blood ketone checker Keto-Mojo is at Amazon.

You can also find the product in other online stores like eBay, but there is no guarantee of the authenticity of the product you may even end up receiving the fake ones.

What are you waiting for? Hurry and order now because the stocks are getting sold.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We know that there are some of the questions that are repeatedly asked by the customers. However, we have added some to clear up the doubts.

Some of the questions requested by customers are:

1. Are Ketone Urine Tests is accurate enough?:

If i tell my personal experience, Then the Ketone Urine Tests were fine for me that only for several months after that, I don’t there would be any need of using this. Two key factors will change in your body while you stay in ketosis for a long time, and the color of the strip would be not able to accurate the exact readings. The two key factors are:

Your body gets better at using ketones:

The only measurement the strips can make is the ketone leaving your body. They don’t tell you about the ketones making in the body and using. The more effectively you will teach your body to use the ketones, lesser the chances of getting your ketones wasted.

Meanwhile, there is a possibility you will get negative or no results after a specific time period.

Your body makes/uses more beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB):

If you have been using any supplement, then you must be heard about BHB beta-hydroxybutyrate the body uses for energy. These ketones often not added in the list of readings by the device as the device tests for acetoacetate ketones instead.

2. Why Keto Mojo?

There is a need for blood ketone checker if you recently started your Ketogenic diet plan and to know the exact about doing wrong or right. You need to check out the ketone levels in your body.

Therefore, there is a need for Keto-Mojo because it is one of the most accurate ketones blood reader as of now.


  • There are some starter kit options to choose from.
  • Cheap and affordable testings strips.
  • For Keto-ers, by keto-ers.
3. Is Keto Mojo easy to use?

Yes, It is super easy to use this device and the same we have added about that how can you set up Keto-mojo at first and use properly.

4. Is there any pain while reading?

There is no pain, or i do say minimal pain while taking some of your blood from your fingertips for testing out the strips.

The fact is, There is no pain while analysis your blood report.

5. Is Keto Mojo worth the price?

Yes, It is worth the device because the average cost of any blood ketone reader will go up to $$$, but it is the only one starts from the two digits.

The usage cost of Keto Mojo is also less, which is 0.99$ per test. The fact is, It is worth the price.

The Verdict:

Among the other blood ketone readers, we must agree that the Keto-Mojo is best among all. After doing proper research, we are telling this as we can rely more on using this device than others due to the functionality, affordable price, and the cheaper costs of strips as well.

After all, I am using this device from the last month, and I have not found any problems yet. It does offer a lifetime validity for the device and 18 months for the strips.

If you are about to start your days with Ketogenic diet, then I must refer you for Keto Mojo. In the starting days, we often have no idea about doing it right or not, and this device helps us to understand the facts and tells us about the ketone blood readings of our body.

Review Breakdown
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Consumers Opinion


More recently the popular Keto Mojo Ketone Meter brand has come out with an easy to apply Bluetooth connectivity and a free app also.


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