Keto Lift Review – (2019 Upd) A Closer Look At The Product

If you have come across to this article, then you might be searching for Keto Lift supplement. There is a lot of hype and buzz in the market for this supplement. That is why I think to try out this supplement. I already know that this supplement is from American Metabolix brand. It is a very familiar brand, but the question that arises is, does this supplement work?

Most of the people look for fast energy before their workout. Mental alertness and that too without coffee jitters and, the main thing speed up in the process of weight loss. According to the manufacturer, Keto Lift meets every expectation of the customer. They claim Keto Lift as an energy exogenous ketone supplement. As I mentioned earlier, I tried this supplement, and this article covers every bit of information along with my experience with Keto Lift.

What is Keto Lift?

Keto Lift is from one the well-known and familiar brand name American Metabolix. It is an exogenous ketone supplement empowered by goBHB (A non-carb energy source for the mind and body). The company claims that using this supplement can provide turbo-charged and actual results in the GYM.

But the question that arises in most of the individual’s mind is, does this supplement work? Will this supplement help in speed up the process of fat loss?

The answer is yes. If you use it in the right and proper way, you will find many other facts and benefits of having this supplement in this article below. I prefer checking it before purchasing your first bottle.

What is goBHB?

Do you know the reason why this supplement is in the hype in the market? The reason is goBHB. It is one of the main ingredients of Keto Lift. You may call goBHB as a non-carb energy source for both mind and body. It is a ready-to-go ketone which delivers immediate energy effects to the body. Example, the company claims that after taking this supplement, you will get instant energy for your workout, increased endurance, supports sharper brain function, and a host of other benefits.

Do you know the main advantage of having this supplement in our stack? The instant energy source. It means you can even have it whenever you feel low in energy and even when you are not in the Ketogenic diet. You only need to mix one serving with water and have it.

Is goBHB a breakthrough weight loss supplement?: To be the instance, It is the only solution for providing instant energy. You need to follow an adequate diet plan along with the workout routine for reaping its full benefits.

What are the Ingredients?

It is essential to check out the list of the ingredient before buying any health supplement. However, this is the thing I liked the most in Keto Lift. There is a simple ingredient added to Keto Lift and no hard-to-pronounce additives. If you are already on the Keto Lifestyle, then you might be aware of unwanted ingredients. Likewise, it can even cause some side effects.

Keto Lift has everything that you need in your diet to balance it. Apart from goBHB, it includes:

  • Calcium
  • ​Magnesium
  • ​Sodium
  • ​Vitamin C
  • ​Caffeine
  • ​Infinergy (for extra energy)

These are the simple ingredients which are present in Keto Lift. However, like other supplements, there is a drawback of having a simple ingredient. The disadvantage is nothing other than the taste. (If you have tried any other exogenous ketones supplements then you might be familiar with the kind of bitter taste). However, this is not the thing that matters until and until supplements works for us.

But the question is? Does this supplement work?

Does Keto Lift work?

Yes, it does works. I can say that after using Keto Lift for a while. I did notice a slight uptick in my energy levels for both workouts and during the whole day. Moreover, taking BHB without any carbohydrates is another benefit I received in my healthy diet and lifestyle. Apart from this, I really did not notice any other advertised benefits like mental concentration etc.

The thing is Keto Lift contains goBHB as the main ingredient, and maybe that could be the reason, and we are also not sure about the exact difference between BHB and goBHB and about the effects.

In the end, If you are looking for energy supplements then there a lot of other brands available in affordable price in the market. However, there is nothing terrible in Keto Lift, but I think spending some extra bucks for carb-free energy supplement would be the waste of money in my opinion.

Are There Any Side Effects?

No, there are no side effects of using this supplement. I can say this because the ingredients present in this supplement are safe to consume. You only need to take the maximum allowed dosage by the manufacturer.

However, some people can feel some normal side effects due to the presence of caffeine. So, It could be a bad choice for the people who are not tolerant to the caffeine content.

Where to Buy?

This supplement is available to purchase from the leading online store Amazon. Avoid buying from any third-party sellers as there are some chances that you will get fake products.

You can directly purchase Keto Lift from the amazon and also, can check out the official website for some discounts.


As I mentioned earlier that I had noticed only slight up benefits after using Keto Lift as my leading pre-workout supplement. There is no doubt that It does provide instant energy for the whole day. In the end, if spending extra bucks and the taste of this supplement is not a problem for you, then you can consider purchasing this supplement.


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