Keto Fire Reviews – Ingredients, Side Effects and How To Use!

There are many weight loss supplements available in the market but wondering which one is the best? It is difficult to point out only one supplement because most of the supplements are perfect. If you have come across to this article, then you might be searching for Keto Fire. You might be wondering that Keto Fire ketone activator is worth it? It is powered by chicken bone broth, natural caffeine and many other essential ingredients to kick start Ketosis.

It is hard to believe any single supplement due to 100’s of fake supplements available in the market. However, KetoFIRE is from one of the well-renowned brand Ancient Nutrition. The company is famous for manufacturing excellent weight loss supplements to support people needs. Moreover, I also have tried this supplement and the same thing I have published in this review. This Keto Fire review will cover everything from my experience & the claims about its weight loss.

Keto Fire

Keto Fire is a weight loss supplement that is designed in a way to support your weight loss effort and also speed up the process.

There is a reason why most of the people tend to use the Keto supplements. It is because It is not an easy task to get into the state of Ketosis. If you are already following a Ketogenic lifestyle, then you might understand that our goal is to get into the zone of Ketosis. To be the instance, Ketosis is the zone where the body tends to produce ketones and later uses the same ketones as an energy source.

Keto Fire is generally a ketone activator. It means this supplement will help in producing ketones in the body faster than the normal state. You only need to follow a low carb diet plan with the addition of this supplement.

Keto Fire

Ancient Nutrition claims that the ingredients present in this supplement are supposed to provide mental awareness, concentration, boost in energy also the joint support during the workout.

What is Ketone activator?

It is a dietary supplement and added in Keto Fire. This is mainly a combination of BHB salts, MCT oils and antioxidants to provide proper ketone boost.

Remember that. These are the exogenous ketones which are produced by BHB salts, and it should not compare with the ketones body produces itself.


The ingredients present in this supplement are natural, but still, It is always better to see an overview of the ingredients. You might already know about the BHB which is present in this supplement.

Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) is one of the three elements which our body produces during the state of Ketosis. You can call this exogenous ketone, and this ingredient will help you to produce more ketones in the body in a faster state.

Apart from BHB, there are some other ingredients which are present in this supplement to support your Keto journey.

  • Bone Broth: It is often known as a superfood. The chicken bone broth contains electrolytes, and It is something which helps in fighting keto flu symptoms.
  • goBHB: BHB in the form of goBHB is a non-carb energy source for both the mind and the body.
  • Organic Coffee Cherry Extract: The caffeine present in this supplement is for extra energy and the results. This could be one of the main ingredients for increased mental awareness. However, if you are not tolerant to caffeine, then, unfortunately, there is no caffeine-free version.
  • MCT’s: Medium-chain triglycerides. It is the form of healthy fats that most aid in the diet.

Apart from these main ingredients, there are 100’s of antioxidants elements present in this supplement. There is only one downside in the ingredients list and which is the presence of apple cider vinegar, fermented peppers, collagen peptides. It makes this pill hard to swallow.

How to Use?

You can refer to the guidelines manufacturer printed on the backside of the bottle. Generally, you need to take six capsules in one serving for reaping its proper benefits.

Each of the capsules should be taken along with 8 ounces of water. I prefer taking it before 30 mins of your workout routine.

Side Effects

According to me, No. There are no side effects of this supplement. It is because as far as I can see, there are only natural ingredients present in this supplement. However, I prefer not to have this supplement if you are not tolerant of the caffeine.

Does Keto Fire Actually Work?

The simple answer would be “Yes” Though. Still, I mentioned earlier that I am going to reveal my experience with Keto Fire. You might have read other reviews about this supplement over the internet, and most of the reviews are consists of an increase in energy, awareness and all.

However, to be frank. I have not noticed much effects after taking this supplement. Yes, there was a bit of increase in the energy levels, and that was too because of caffeine present in this supplement.

This supplement does work only for producing exogenous ketones in the body, and that is what helps me in targeting my fat loss goals. Otherwise, a healthy diet and a bulletproof coffee before a workout would provide the same energy results.

Should You Buy Keto Fire?

It depends. Let me clear that Keto Fire is not any kind of miracle pills or supplement for overnight fat loss. You still need to diet and exercise for achieving proper results. Otherwise, you will not notice any difference.

It could be the perfect option for those people who are perfect with bitter taste and wants to have healthy ingredients in a short period. Otherwise, Our favorite by far is Perfect Keto.


Keto Fire is okay, and there is no doubt because of the healthy ingredients present in this supplement but calling it a secret weapon would be waste. You can get the same energy benefits by following a healthy diet and workout routine. Still, exogenous ketones are a crucial part of the supplement. In my opinion, it would be a waste of investment.


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