Is Noom Worth It? – What You Need To Know

There are 100’s of weight loss programs available over the internet but does it is mean every program is worth? The answer is “No.” Most of the programs claim to be the only solution for weight loss, and I recommend to stay away from these kinds of claims. It is because we know that if anything matters during weight loss, then it is our calories intake. We should burn more calories than we consume. Similarly, there is a weight loss program “Noom”, and in this article, we will check it out “Is noom worth it?”

Is Noom Worth It

When I checked out this program deeply, then I have found this program interesting at first, and It is quite different from the other programs. Unlike others, they don’t claim anything, and instead, they help in maintaining healthy habits, preparing diet plans along with some mental aspects. Therefore, not only your body but your mind will be relaxed as well.

What is Noom Coach?

It is a kind of weight loss program, and you can have access to this program by directly downloading the application from the play store or app store.

You can track your daily meals, and the best part is you can even check out the nutritional information of each content. This will help you in maintaining and tracking down the calories you eat throughout the day.

Before starting into the application, you need to register on the application by providing correct body measurements and weight data. This will helps the application to provide appropriate suggestions based on your body type.

Is Noom Coach for You?

It is essential to understand first before answering this question that what is stopping you from achieving your weight loss dream? Struggle with the diet, lack of knowledge or anything else?

These things can be overcome if there is someone available with you 24/7 for guiding you correctly. It is suitable for people who can spend some money on getting a personal trainer or guidance.

Now come to the question. Instead of hiring a personal trainer in your workout place, you can simply subscribe to the premium plans of noom, and you will get the trainer along with the team of professionals to guide you anytime. If this is the situation then yes noom coach is for you.

What Do You Get With Your Noom Subscription?

We know that the free application allows us to log our exercise and meals on the application freely. However, It is not enough to achieve the weight loss target, and it is because most of the people lack knowledge of eating right and basically what to eat.

That is the reason, working with any personal or professional trainer also help you to increase your knowledge as well. This kind of help comes at some extra cost, though. The cost maybe not be the good fit for everyone but if you use noom coach, then you probably getting the best guidance in less price.

Let me tell you the things that will come along with your noom premium subscription.

  • Fully Customized Plan
  • Unlimited Access To a Health Professional
  • 24/7 Personal and Group Support
  • Award-Winning Technology

1. Fully Customized Plan

It doesn’t matter if someone is getting better results from his nutrition and workout plan, then you will get the same. It is because every individual body is different, and we don’t know what is made for us and what will help us out in achieving the specific fitness goal target.

Therefore, the first thing that comes in noom coach subscription is the fully customized diet and workout plan. This plan will be made only for you by keeping in mind your daily schedules and habits.

2. Unlimited Access to a Health Professional

You are not only limited to ask from your noom coach. The other thing is in your subscription is unlimited access to a health professional. It means you can post your queries in the community and wait for the other experts to reply.

3. 24/7 Personal and Group Support

The 24/7 Personal and Group Support is another thing you are getting it into your premium subscription. You can ask anything from your coach or in the community anytime.

4. Award-Winning Technology

The noom coach is an award-winning technology. It is because you only need your smartphone to access this application, and everything will be online. There is no need for any technical knowledge for using noom coach.

5. How Much Does It Cost?

The packages are different, and if you subscribe for the more extended period like for the four months, then It will cost something around 32.25$/month and usually It is 59$/month.

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Is Noom Worth It?

Many people asked me Is noom worth it? then YES the Noom coach is worth it. It not only helps in weight loss but also there are many things which you can learn from your personal coach and the group of experts. You can also try this application for 14 days first, and if you like it, then you can continue using it with a premium plan.


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