Is Noom Free? – How To Get Access

The fitness industry is growing every day and the clients as well. It is because more people in the world are obsessed with their weight. I am a certified personal trainer, and I can understand how costly it is to get a one on one training program from any gym or trainer. Therefore, we are most likely to search for the affordable options out there on the internet. This is probably why the noom coach is popular among people. However, the question many people keep asking me Is noom free?

This is one of the great questions, and I do believe that everyone should know whether this process is free or not. There are many applications like noom, where you can manage your daily food and workout habits. It is a bit confusing whether this application is free or not? And also which options require the premium subscription. Anyway, let me tell you how does this application actually work and how can you use noom for free of cost. Also, the options come under premium subscription.

What is Noom Coach?

It is a kind of weight loss programs created by some professionals. They have made this application because they do understand the aspects of some weight loss strugglers and what they most need motivation, stress, lack of time, and of course, lack of education.

However, the application is not only enough to make your weight loss dream true. I think you have been told much time that to lose weight you need to eat right and exercise daily. However, most of the people fail to understand the aspect and benefit of eating healthy and exercising daily for losing weight.

This is where noom helps. If you choose a premium subscription of this application, then you will have provided a coach with you. The coach not only helps you mentally for increasing your knowledge but also helps you in the motivation and the struggles you need to make your dream come true. The best thing is everything is available on your phone.

Noom Pricing & Is Noom Free?

Noom is an application, and it is available to download for free of cost. You can quickly install this application from the play store. The main works the application do is to allow the user to make the records or logs their meals into the application. There are some other applications as well for logging meals or keeping track of everything we eat.

However, if the recording meals are not only the requirement and you are struggling for a long time to lose your unwanted body weight. Then, I think Noom has something to offer.

Noom offers different plans and their ranges, and it depends upon the budget of the client as well. The usual premium plan starts from 59$ each month, and the amount can be less if you choose the plan for more than one month. Example, if you choose four months plan, then the estimated cost for one month would be less than 33$.

If you want to use the premium service before the purchase, then Noom also offers 14 days trial periods to the customers and then only ask them to convert.

is noom free

What Do You Get With Your Free Trial?

If you have decided to use noom as the long-time partner for the weight loss journey during your trial period, you still get access to every premium feature that the program has to offer.

The customized features you will get are:

  • A fully customized plan
  • Unlimited access to a health professional.
  • 24/7 support from the coach and other health members connected with you.

It is simple to have a trial account. The only thing you need to do is create the account and answer some common questions generally asked by the application.

Is it worth it?

There is one question that keeps running on everyone minds. The question is “Is noom coach really worth it?”

The answer is yes. Yes, noom coach does works and what does it provide is the coaching, motivation and the support a client needed. The noom coach will help you guys in every aspect. The coach not only will tell you the proper diet program but also the workouts level and the workouts as well.

In simple words, you are getting personal training and 24/7 available support system in your hands. You only need to pay once for their subscription and the rest of the things done by your coach only. In the end, this application actually works, and if you have any doubt, then you can continue using the 14-day trial period.

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The noom coach is one of the best application program made for overweight customers. This application has everything that should be the primary requirement of any health application. However, many of the people still ask me that Is noom free? I simply say, yes it is free, but if you choose its premium services, then you need to pay for it.


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