Ideal Massage Chair Review – Read this BEFORE You Buy!

Finding the right massage chair is one of the most challenging tasks for the customers. It not only depends on a budget of a customer but the choices as well. If a customer needs some low in priced and best in the features, then ideal massage chair could be the best choice of any customer. Despite the low price tag, it is pretty highly rated and has good functions in it as well.

You can call this massage chair the best investment if the limited featuring comes with this product is precisely what you need. Indeed, you cannot compare this massage chair with some premium massage chairs in the market. You should not expect any persuasion or stretching massage from this product. Another thing, It won’t match the quality of massage which we usually get in salons from some premium chairs.

Company Background

The company behind manufacturing this massage chair is BH and ideal products. This company is currently offering the new Ideal shiatsu massage chair on the amazon. There is one thing that they are proud of themselves and which are reviews. They have got around 94% positive ratings and reviews on Amazon.

Ideal Massage Chair Specs

Ideal Massage Chair


  • Product Dimensions: 33 x 55 x 49 inches ; 200 pounds
  • Shipping Dimensions: 55 x 35 x 33 inches; 210 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 325 pounds

It is covered in fox leather and hence available in few colours only. If you order this product online, then delivery as usual, and maybe you require some more persons to place this chair on the house. It is because this massage chair is not lightweight and also challenging to move from one place to another.

Main Features

  • You can recline at the optimal angles you want. It is because of the zero-gravity function included in this massage chair.
  • The four auto massage programs include Kneading, Shiatsu, Vibrating, Spinal Rolling.
  • You can also get a perfect heat therapy for back.


As I can see from the product description. The customers are getting three years of warranty which usually covers steel and all electronic parts. However, if you had purchased this product online then you will be getting a ten-day return period. That will be including minus 20% re-stocking fees.

Good Things

Zero-Gravity Function

An ideal and effective massage is what all we need to relax our mind and destress our body. I already have mentioned in the list of features. It comes with three zero-gravity modes functions. Therefore, you can make yourself relaxed in any angle you want.

Value for Money

The massage quality of this product is decent if we compared with the price of the product. In fact, you will be getting a deep kneading back roller massage on your back, and the airbags will continue pushing your muscles to make you feel relaxed. There is also a vibrating machine for your buttocks.

You will find the intensity of roller massage excellent, and also, you can set the specific type of massage in the chair. Likewise, you can set up the massage for upper or lower back individually along with the timer of 15 or 30 minutes. According to me, one session of 15-30 minutes is more than enough to make your muscles relaxed.

Easy to Assemble

The ideal shiatsu massage chair comes in pre-assembled packaging, and there is nothing more have to do for setuping it. You only need to tighten some screws and you are done. Hence, this massage chair is easy to assemble.

Could be Better

Limited Features

I mentioned this thing previously. This massage chair comes with some noticeable and required features only likewise you are getting kneaded roller for the upper and lower back muscles, air tapping for the whole body massage and also the vibration for the buttocks.

The only thing from which it lacks is the stretching and percussion massages. However, It is not a big deal though as we are already getting much in this price range.

No Roller Massage for Feet

The second disadvantage of having this massage chair is no roller massage function for the feet. In the description of the product, It is mentioned that this massage chair is having “6 simulated kneading balls” for feet. However, It only presses the soles of your feet once you are settled. The bad news is, they don’t actually move.


There is no doubt! This massage chair will make you relaxed. However, the sound of the product is a bit louder and noisy. It is better to put some earbuds during the session.


In the end, I will only recommend Ideal massage chair to those who are looking for a decent functional massage chair in affordable pricing. It could be the best investment for the people who only want to use some essential massage functions and in need of having a decent massage every day on the home.


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