Ciltep Review – an Old Favorite Has Not Aged Well!

There are many nootropic supplements available in the market. It is not easy to pick the right one. However, there is a lot of hype surrounding Ciltep since it comes in the market a few years back. As far as I know, this is also a nootropic and brain supplement which solely focuses on increasing cognitive brain functions. There are so many faces backing up this product, and that is why I decided to do Ciltep review to know if that was only a hype?

Ciltep is one of the natural nootropic supplement stacks. The guys behind this supplement are the most prominent players in this industry. They make a wide range of products, supplements to support brain functions and improve their capability. This supplement is their first premium supplement for nootropic market.

What Does This Supplement Do?

We know that It is a nootropic supplement and generally uses for improving brain functions. Apart from providing better mental performance, This nootropic supplement claims to deliver:

  • Keeps you focused “for hours.”
  • Promotes clarity and mental sharpness
  • Clears brain fog
  • Enhances memory formation and improves retention
  • Improves mood and reduces social anxiety
  • Promotes ‘long-term potentiation.’

I can check from the list of benefits and clearly say, that it is designed perfectly for total brain enhancement and also, this supplement sold as a complete brain supplement.

Natural stacks also pretend long-term potentiation claim that CILTEP can strengthen your synapses and promote better intra-brain cell communication. This sounds amazing. But the question is, does this supplement really works? And is it safe to consume this supplement? Let’s find it out within our review.

Ciltep Ingredients

You may be surprised to know that there are only a few ingredients added in this supplement. These are the only ingredients which premises to deliver the claims mentioned above by the supplement. Let’s check out the ingredients list and the quick overview of each ingredient like how does it work? And their dosage.

ciltep ingredients

Artichoke Extract (5% Cyanins) – 900mg

It is one of the best nootropics in existence. It generally uses to improve intracellular signalling in the brain by inhibition of PDE4. The PDE4 is the enzyme used to breakdown the cAMP (Cyclic adenosine monophosphate) molecules. Therefore, improving intracellular communication in the brain directly results in improving cognitive function as well.

There is one thing which is interesting about Ciltep. It doesn’t mention the extract of luteolin content for Artichoke extract. Whereas, the Ceanin is not only the one for improving intracellular communication in the brain. Both are the types of Flavonoids, but they are not the same ingredient. In any case, Artichoke extract is an interesting ingredient in this supplement.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine – 750mg

Acetyl-L-Carnitine is an amino acid and generally founds in most of the fat-burning and pre-workout supplements. The primary purpose of using Acetyl-L-Carnitine is to reduce body fat by converting fat cells into energy.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine is not a nootropic, but it enhances the energy levels in metabolism, which directly results in improving mental function as well. It is a shame for Ciltep that they use Acetyl-L-Carnitine as its main ingredient.

L-Phenylalanine – 500mg

Another common amino acid used in this supplement is L-Phenylalanine. It is a common amino acid in the human diet. It is because if any kind of food contains protein, then It is sure that it may have some content of L-Phenylalanine as well. For example, an ounce of tofu contains around 550mg of-Phenylalanine.

L-Phenylalanine works are still not evident, and generally, it helps in the synthesis of building blocks of protein. Again this ingredient should not be the main ingredient in Ciltep.

Coleus Forskohlii (20% forskolin) – 20mg

There are only few evidence and studies which shows that Forskohlii is an effective ingredient for promoting long term brain health. I cannot make any statement until and until I see any human trials for this ingredient.

Our Thoughts on Ciltep?

Honestly, I don’t think Ciltep is an excellent nootropic supplement and neither it looks like one. To be the instance, Ciltep contains such a boring formula and combination of ingredients.

The problem is Ciltep provides Artichoke extract doses in a huge amount, and I know it helps in improving cognitive functions of the brain. But the high doses are still not suitable for any Individual. Even if it helps in enhancing brain signalling, then I am sure it is not a long term effect.

And the rest of Caltip formula? There are only amino acids present in this supplement, which is obviously not a nootropic at all.

In the end, If you are looking for a complete brain and nootropic supplement, then Ciltep should not be an ideal choice for you.

Is Ciltep Safe?

I don’t think there are any side effects of using this supplement as there is nothing much present in Ciltep which results in worse effects on any individuals.

So, Yes, this supplement is safe to consume. Still, if there is any side effect, then it should be mild and for some time only.


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