Best Massage Chair 2019 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

No spa would be complete without having an electric massage chair in the salon, and you can say that no living room would be complete without the best massage chair as well. We can all agree to this statement that getting a massage after a whole day of work is very relaxing, but the problem is that nobody has that much of the time for daily visiting the massage parlour. This is why massage chairs come in handy.

Massage chairs are capable of processing different massage techniques which not only relaxes the body but the mind as well. However, finding a good massage chair is a difficult task. There are many things that you need to look out while purchasing one for your home or office. Most probably, you will want to know two things whenever you go shopping for a massage chair. The two things are, which is the cream of the crop and which is the best one, you can afford.

Best Massage Chair 2019

Here are the best massage chairs ranked, in order:

1. Real Relax Full Body Massage Chair

Whenever we look for the massage chair under affordable pricing, the Real Relax is always the first preference of people. It is the dark horse of the massage chair world. It also snuck on the big massage chairs list of 2018 and also it was the most popular massage chair that was sold online.

There are some things which are really excited about this chair. The first is of course pricing because it does come in affordable pricing and providing more features which you usually get in the overpricing massage chairs. Despite the affordable pricing, you are getting some excellent features as well.

If I do talk about the features of Real Relax massage chair, then you will be getting zero gravity technology, full-body airbags, foot rollers, lumbar heating, four auto massage programs, and intuitive remote control. This is not the end. You can also customize the chair for doing massage in specific parts of the body. In the end, the reviews of customers are very favourable for this chair, and hence, I’ll recommend the same if you are looking for a best and affordable massage chair.

Real Relax Massage Chair Price: $799.99 Real Relax Massage Chair Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 10/29/2019


  • It comes with ergonomic armrest linkage system.
  • The zero-gravity function will make you relaxed, along with four auto massage programs.
  • The eight massage rollers are enough to provide full-body massage on the specific part of the body.

2. BestMassage EC-06

Another affordable product on our list is BestMassage EC-06. This massage chair comes with exciting features that you usually found in many expensive chairs. The thing I liked the most in this product is full body shiatsu massage experience. (It is so expensive relaxing treatment when you get it done in any hotel) also, other features of this chair are a zero-gravity feature, waist heating, rolling foot massage, its build quality, and quiet operation.

Another thing, It uses the L-track program to track down the progress of massage. It means this chair tracks every moment of rollers and also helps to understand individual comfort levels. You will also be getting seven massage modes to ease the process.

Most of the users claimed this product as the best in the market. There are many positive reviews over the internet, and also most of the users say it helps in relieving the extra stress and pain of the body.

Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Price: $829.99 Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 10/29/2019


  • It is an adjustable massage chair. So, you can adjust this chair to any angle.
  • It comes with an air massage system with heat therapy.
  • The seven massage modes will make you relaxed. The modes are kneading, tapping, stretching, shiatsu, combo, air pressure, heating, nine preset auto massage.

3. Relaxonchair MK-II Plus

Many people prefer to purchase the zero-gravity Shiatsu massage chair. It is because not these types of chairs popular in hotels or spa salons but also popular in home and office these days. You should not be surprised to see this massage chair used in most of the spa. As Shiatsu massage is the requirement of many people and it is costly as well.

Relaxonchair MK-II Plus comes in affordable pricing, and this mid-range massage chair comes with the inclusion of features Zero Gravity Shiatsu has 3 (three) zero gravity positions, L-track rollers, body scanning, built-in heating airbag system, and deep tissue massage.

The plus point of the customer is, this product is very light in weight, and hence it is easy to move from one location to another. In the end, this could be my third recommendation to my readers, especially for those who are looking for the best Shiatsu massage chair in the market.

RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II Plus] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Price: $1,699.00 RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II Plus] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 10/29/2019


  • It comes with one hand operation remote controller.
  • The three-stage ultra zero gravity functions will make you relaxed.
  • ButtLock L-Track system to track down every moment of the roller.

4. BestMassage Zero Gravity Chair With Long Rail

Another product from the same famous brand BestMassage. The BestMassage not only offers the best products but also it fits easily in pockets and delivering a great massage that leaves buyers happy with their purchase. Most of the users replaced their expensive massage chair with this product, and It is only because of some extra load of functions and comfort.

You’ll love to find it out that there are 100’s of positive reviews of this massage chair. I personally checked those reviews and yes, It is 100% true. This works like a charming back relaxer and provides full body massage in action.

Apart from the fantastic stuff of this massage chair. This chair has pretty advanced features despite its budget price. It comes with full body zero gravity technology, a tremendous 50″ L-track, roller massagers, space-saving technology, body sensor, and foot roller scraping. In the end, I will recommend this massage chair for the persons who are looking for a smart massage chair. It is not so expensive as well so can easily fit in everyone’s pockets.

BestMassage Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Price: $899.99 BestMassage Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 10/29/2019


  • It is a smart massage chair.
  • You’ll be getting eight impressive functions.
  • Proper back massage along with full-body massage functions.

5. Ideal Massage Shiatsu Chair

Another Shiatsu massage chair in our list from one of the famous brand Ideal. Ideal Massage Shiatsu Chair comes with an exciting array of features for the price being offered to the customers. You can customize this chair according to the gravity position you want because it has three zero-gravity functions. Not only this, but you can also customize your massage sessions from 5 minutes to 15 minutes.

What I like the most in this product is 14 massage type combinations and four electric massage functions, including Shiatsu, Spinal Roll, Vibrate and Knead. These functions help in treating soreness of the muscle by providing a comfortable massage.

If You cannot spend thousands of bucks purchasing an expensive and the best for your home, then I better recommend Ideal Massage Shiatsu Chair as an alternative although you are getting most of the premium functions in this pricing of the product.

ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair Price: $1,279.95 ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 10/29/2019


  • Adjustable three zero-gravity options.
  • 14 Massage type combinations
  • It comes with four electric functions.

6. Forever Rest FR-5Ks

If something happens to your back and if it is in pain, then a deep tissue massage is the only solution for providing complete relief to the pain. That is why Forever Rest FR-5Ks is one of the most sold massage chairs. It works by giving a deep tissue massage to the muscles and also helps in reducing inflammation, soreness in the muscle groups. You may call this product a perfect massage chair for the persons who are suffering from soreness and lower back pain.

If I talk about the functions of this product, then It comes with full body zero gravity option. The four automatic massage options, along with seven variations, provide a fantastic experience of massage. I like the yoga stretch mode from the list of functions, and it is because it stretches perfectly every muscle group in the body and provides proper relief.

In the end, Forever Rest FR-5Ks is one of the best chairs in our list and also, value for the money. You can happily invest in this product, and you will never regret your decision. Despite, the customer support of this product is also up to the mark.

FOREVER REST FR-5Ks Massage Chair Price: $1,189.95 FOREVER REST FR-5Ks Massage Chair Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 10/29/2019


  • It comes with four-automatic massage options.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Full body zero gravity option.

7. Human Touch iJoy-2580

Human Touch is one of the popular brands in this industry, and generally, It is known for providing quality stuff to the customers. They have also won many awards for their elegance design. Do you know the best part of this chair? Yes, the cheap & quality these are the words we usually don’t see together. However, Human Touch has managed this by providing quality stuff in affordable pricing to the customers.

Human Touch iJoy-2580 proved itself the best in the market from the time. You will be getting three automatic massage options for the perfect relaxing of your body. You will find your whole body healing accurately after sitting on this chair.

Human Touch iJoy-2580 is not like the bulky massage chairs in the market. In fact, It is one of the lightweight and easy space occupied products on our list. In the end, if you are looking for a durable massage chair that will last for years, then this chair is for you.

iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic Massage Chair Price: iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic Massage Chair Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 10/29/2019


  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Three automated massage program options.
  • It is lightweight.

8. Authentic Beautyhealth Shiatsu

The Authentic Beautyhealth Shiatsu is an average-priced massage chair, and generally, it offers a wide range of excellent features usually found in most expensive massage chairs. You’ll be glad to know that it comes with 24 types of massages, two intensity levels, 3D back scan, foot and calf massagers, and up to 30 minutes of massage time.

The only downside of this chair is it does not have an inbuilt heater fitted in this chair. Although, it uses Jade infrared heating hand massager, which can be excellent for targeting different parts of the body and provide proper massage.

I believe most of the people look for the massage chairs, which automatically passes the heating. In this case, this chair should not be a suitable choice for those persons.

Authentic Beautyhealth Shiatsu Arm Hand Massage Chair Price: Authentic Beautyhealth Shiatsu Arm Hand Massage Chair Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 10/29/2019


  • It is a medium-priced massage chair.
  • 24 Types of massage options.
  • 3D back scanning.

9. Kahuna LM6800

The Kahuna LM6800 is one of the most searched and purchased products in the market. It is one of the complete and capable massage chairs for providing full relief to your muscle soreness and daily stress. The L-Track system helps in tracking down every moment of the roller, and It is to make sure the person sitting on the chair is getting a relaxing massage on its back.

The other functions include 2 zero gravity positions, body scanning, foot massage, heat therapy, four automated programs with three levels of intensity, and the public favourite 30-minute Yoga program.

The 30-minute Yoga program is what I liked the most in this product. It is often used to stretch every bit of muscles, and whenever the muscles have stretched the soreness of the muscles are automatically reduced.

Another thing, I liked the most in this massage chair is, how well it fills to the tall person and the elegant design. Overall, for its price, it could be the amazing stuff to purchase for your living room or workplace.

Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Price: $1,899.99 Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 10/29/2019


  • It comes with the L-track system to track down every moment of the muscle rollings.
  • The 30-minute Yoga program.
  • Two zero gravity functions along with some premium features.

10. Osaki OS-4000T

It is the last product in our list but hopefully not the least. Osaki OS-4000T is not cheap or affordable massage chair like the other products we have added in our list. Still, It is one of our favourite picks when it comes to choosing a massage chair.

It is one of the best investments because of the services, quality and design of the product. Moreover, purchasing this massage chair will give you a different level of satisfaction and peace, which you usually don’t get from the cheap massage chairs.

The functions included in this chair are body scanning, a zero-gravity system, four massage functions, five massages preset, soles and calf massage, 30-inch roller strokes, and an incredible 48 airbags cushioning almost your entire body. Unlike others in our list, OS-4000T has an ergonomic S-track.

In the end, OS-4000T is our recommendation if you are willing to invest something extra for purchasing a premium product.

Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Executive Fully Body Massage Chair Price: $1,699.00 Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Executive Fully Body Massage Chair Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 10/29/2019


  • It comes with four massage functions and 48 massage airbags cousin to provide complete relief to your body.
  • OS-4000T has an ergonomic S-track.
  • Excellent customer service.

Buying Guide for Massage Chairs

Finding the best massage chair for your home or workplace is kind of a difficult task. There are many things which we have to keep in mind before purchasing one. I know, I have already given the reviews of the top 10 massage chairs above, but still, It is essential to understand the aspects before purchasing any product. That is the reason I have added a complete buying guide.

Best Massage Chair

A. Questions That You Need to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing Any Massage Chair

Whenever we are purchasing anything, we mustn’t make a hurry. Instead, we should look deeply into the product and first ask ourselves these questions.

Consider Your Available Space:

It is essential to consider the available space. It is because the size of the massage chair is usually more than a regular chair. So, you have to make sure that you have enough space to put a one.

Will the Massage Chair Fit Me?:

There are different types, sizes and frames of a massage chair. However, most of the brands are made to accommodate every kind of users. So, It will be fine.

What Type of Massage You Are Looking for?:

There are many advanced massage chairs which do offer more than a singular message. Therefore, It is essential to know about the type of massage you need from the chair.


There are many brands and manufacturers for placing units of massage chairs in the market. However, It is vital to know about the history of any particular brand. There are many brands, and It is challenging to choose from the ones. The simple formula to select the best product is the lookout for its after sales and warranty services.


The budget plays a vital role while buying a massage chair. Therefore, you should always decide and fix your budget before looking for any massage chair in the market.


It is essential to read the terms and conditions of the manufacturer’s warranty. It is because some of them guarantee to support the cost of repair, and some of them only give warranty for specific parts of the chair.

B. What Features Are Important To Consider When Buying a Massage Chair?

From part A, It is very much clear that you are sure about purchasing a massage chair. Therefore, Let’s check out the essential features that you should look in a massage chair before buying one.

Massage Power:

The power of the massage plays a vital role for the customers. Some people like to have their massage soft and whereas some people want to have their massage hard. You can only compare this issue by checking out what other customers have to say about any particular product. You can have the idea from their reviews and so that, you will be sure about your purchase.

Massage Rollers:

There are many massage chairs which use the massage rollers for providing a delightful and comfortable experience. These rollers are specially designed to stimulate the movement of any human hands. Therefore, It is very relaxing and also encourages and promotes blood flow.

Heat Massage:

Heated massage is the perfect way for relaxing muscles soreness. The heat pads and the heat rollers produce the heat in your back and provide the heat against your back. This heat encourages your muscles to relax and also stimulates the local blood flow.

Body Scan Technology:

It is currently the advanced function and available only to some high-end and best quality massage chairs. Body scan technology helps in adjusting anybody to the massage chair to make it fit perfectly according to their size and provide the best muscle relaxation.

Air Compression Massage:

Many brands uses Air compression massage as their primary function. This function uses airbags to enhance the massage experience and also provides the relaxful environment to the user.

Vibration Massage:

Some of the lower models of massage chair only focuses on the lower back area of the body. Therefore, It uses Vibration massage function for providing massage to buttocks and legs’ muscles.

Zero Gravity:

The zero gravity function is usually available in some high-end models of the massage chair. It simply works to give proper relaxation as you can move your chair into any angle and adjust your body accordingly.

3D massage:

3D massages are way effective than regular massages. This function is usually available in some modern and high-end massage chairs.


The lowers models of the massage chairs do not use the zero-gravity function. Therefore, It is hard to adjust the body and make it comfortable on a regular massage chair.

Muscle Stretch massage:

There are many brands which use the muscle stretch massage function. Likewise, the Yoga massage function. It helps in stretching the muscles and also to reduce soreness in it.

Spinal Stretch:

This function is usually used to get relief from the back pain. What it does is, simply stretches the back muscles and provides relief against pain. However, this function is only available in top models of the massage chairs.

Acupressure points:

Some massage chair uses acupressure points to enhance the experience of massage. It generally reduces the gripping feeling, and hence you feel more realistic and something similar to massage given by any professional.

Additional Massage Features:

It is not much as necessary for everyone. However, the additional functions can be like head & foot massage.

Foot & Arm Massage:

Foot massages are essential for the people who spend most of their time standing, and the arm massage is also needed to relax their muscles properly. Generally, these functions are available in any mid-ranged machines as well.

Predefined Programs:

It is nice to have some predefined programs in a massage chair. It not only saves time but also provides the perfect combination of the massage.

Manual Control:

I know preset programmes are always in advantage, but still you should also look for a chair which uses manual control as well.

Massage Chair Material:

Most of the massage chairs uses only faux leather covering as a material. The only difference between the lower-end models and high-end models is the quality of faux leather.

Remote Control:

The remote control for the massage chair is a significant advantage. Therefore, you can take the help of remote control for changing massage technique, have control over the speed and many things.


There are only a few massage chairs in the market which are portable. It means they are light in weight and hence easy to move from one location to another.

Bluetooth technology:

The new and advanced function of high-end massage chairs allows the user to connect the BlueTooth enabled device for listing any songs during the massage.

Where Would You Put The Massage Chair?

Most of the people usually place their massage chair in front of the TV. However, it doesn’t mean this is the best approach for putting the massage chair.

According to some professionals research, it is a bad idea to put the massage chair in front of the TV. Instead, It should be placed in the bedroom or workplace where there is no access to TV. It is because there is no meaning of watching television while relaxing as if you do, then you will be not able to contact your inner self during the massage.

However, It depends upon the individual to individual, and It doesn’t matter wherever you are putting your massage chair. But, here are some things which you should keep in mind while placing your massage chair.

Reclining Massage Chairs Needs Clearance:

It is essential that you need some extra space for reclining massage chairs. If there is no extra space, then It would be difficult for the zero-gravity chairs as well to adjust. Therefore, always keep in mind to put these types of chair wherever area is more.

Massage Chairs Need Their Outlet:

The massage chairs use substantial voltage during operation. Hence, they need their own particular power output for the work. If you are using a cord, then make sure you are using the high-quality one.

The Massage Chair Shouldn’t Stay In Direct Sunlight:

It is essential to place the massage chair wherever there is no or less exposure to sun lightings. It is because the harmful UV rays can cause the chair material to crack.

How To Clean Your Massage Chair

Everything needs cleaning and hence the massage chairs as well. The massage chairs use durable upholstery material. Still, if you follow the cleaning tips, I have mentioned below. You will continue able to take massage from the chair without having any stains or tear signs.

I prefer using gentle cleaning agents: We know that most of the massage chairs use faux leather to cover up the chair material. Therefore, it would be a mistake using the hard cleaning agents on the surface of the chair. Instead, I prefer using gentle cleaning agents to clean off the outer area of the chair.

Always make sure you don’t dip the cleaning agents on moving part: It is not recommended to put all of the cleaning agents powder on the machine and then wash it off. You need to make sure that you don’t dip the cleaning agents into the moving parts of the chair. This can result in damaging or malfunctioning of some elements in the machine.

I Prefer Cleaning the Contact Areas First:

I know it is essential to clean the whole chair from time to time. But, I prefer cleaning the contact areas which put in first. You can simply use a damp cloth for cleaning some of the contact areas.

You Should Remove the Upholstery When Possible:

This process allows you to clean your massage chair in the easiest possible way.

I Prefer Using Damp Cloths:

It is because using a cleaning agent every time is not a good practice. Therefore, I prefer using damp cloths for regularly cleaning the machine every time after use.

Mind the Details:

I prefer having a cross-check in some areas and check if there is any kind of dust left or stacked.

You Should Use Spray Bottles:

I prefer cleaning the chair sitting part using spray bottles as they dry quickly and also makes the seat polishes.

Never Put A Wet Upholstery On The Chair:

If you do so, then It might cause permanent damage to your massage chair. Hence avoid putting a wet upholstery on the chair.


Massage chairs had an incredible long term benefit for the health, sleep and mental well-being. It is one of the best possible ways to reduce the amount of daily stress and the muscle soreness that we usually feel every day. I agree with the part that the massage chair is not cheap, but it is worth every penny you spend on buying it.

There are many models and brands available in the market. You only need to justify your budget to find the best massage chair for your home or workplace. If you ask me, then I prefer purchasing the massage chair with more functions rather than going on how its look. You can let us know in the comments section if you need any help choosing the perfect massage chair for yourself.


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