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    So I have no idea how to start this but let’s just say I’m miss my before mum bod,
    I have 3 young boys Mr 1 Mr 2 and Mr 4 (yes I am insane I know thanks for your compliment) before my little spawn I was a size 6 who struggled with eating for a long time but I was happy being 45 kg and having the eating habits of an ant because I was in control. And then at 21 I fell pregnant with my first baby I gained 10kg throughout my pregnancy and felt terrible I’d go to mc Donald for a cup of iced water and leave with a half dozen double cheese burgers (fml) all was good and we’ll once I had him I didn’t have time to worry about my bod and to my surprise I lost weight almost right after birth. Then Mr 2 finally happened I ate right his time salads meats and veg as me and butt head (finance) struggled to carry and despite having 7 pregnancys were still trying for Mr 2 so when I finally got past the dreaded 12 weeks I instantly gained 30kg early in the pregnancy I lost 25 of this while I was pregnant so defiantly not baby. Then I returned to gym once Mr 2 was born I was just getting fit when….. you guessed it Mr 1 the unexpected bod destroying spawn granted me with his presence (yes I love my boys) now one year on I have finally hit 50kg with this unusual body shape that I just can’t seem to comprehend I see other mums . And they seem so comfy and I wish I was too. I have tried to talk with other mums but they kind of look at me up and down and I always seem to get the same response, “(you dont even look like you have had a baby don’t be silly)” but yet I can not stop comparing my before mum bod to this almost empty skin sack am I the only one who does this.?

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