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    I love my body! I hate my body. I’m proud, I’m ashamed. I get naked to have a shower and I beam with pride at my body, I think about the two beautiful children I’ve brought into the world then bam, I get dressed and see other queens and I want to hide under the biggest fucken Rock I can find! I know I’ll never have a falt tummy and be a bit wobbly but when you have friends who have had four children that post there dieting and they are a size 8 I want to die and never leave the house. So my question is how the fuck can I build up that when I’m naked feeling to when I’m in public. What do you use to empower your body image?

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    Body image is tough shit!! I think the most important thing for me has been to stop comparing to others. Every single body out there is different. When I compare I am always comparing to the skinny ones!!

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    Hi Queenies!!
    This too

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    Ooopppssss try again!
    This topic is soooo great, I have very similar thoughts on a daily/hourly basis…
    I have one child (20months) and to most people probably have a ‘good’ body, but my own feelings and insecurities r totally different to what others see.
    I am always seeking that self love feeling, I wanna be proud and embrace what I have worked hard to get but pick faults with all the little things CONSTANTLY.
    I always manage to feel awesome when I’ve have a couple of drinks tho might I add!!

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    I’m just going to day it…..

    The clothes must be the real problem because you feel like a queen and a goddess without them. So next time you are feeling a little bit of body envy – just say screw you damn clothes, throw them all off and start running. You will very quickly forget what inspired you to take them off!

    On a side note, maybe don’t do this, just imagine it if you are somewhere that it’s illegal to be named in public.

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    glad im not alone! i only have one bub who is almost 2 and i still need to loose about 5 kg to get back to normal but i know its never gunna happen! im only short with a small build but since having my son i have developed the dreaded spare tire waist, somedays i like what i see somedays i want to cover them.all up! i have friends who lost the baby weight months after having their bubs so im hearing you! until recently i was depressed about it but im slowly learning to embrace the thicker new me! somedays i jiggle my flab and scrunch it up to the way it use to be which makes me feel like shit but then i just have a bit of chockie and say “fuck it”

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    I’ve learnt that its all relative and so much more mental than physical. I dont have what people would call a good body and I struggle with that but I know that when I strength train I am amazed at what my body can do and feel good about myself. When I dont, I feel like shit.

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    I think it’s important to recognise how amazing your body is… The ‘flaws’ that you see are the parts that make you you! The only person that you’re battling with is yourself, if you let others speak to you the way you speak about yourself, I bet you wouldn’t be friends with that person!!! Don’t allow yourself to be so cruel to yourself! You’re beautiful and as my mum always reminds me, we all go out the same way, irrespective of body shapes and sizes… May as well enjoy our lives while we can! Remember you’re a 👑

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    Thanks queens 😘❤️ I’ve been feeling so down about my body today. I think I just need to get into a positive head space. Your beautiful words help so much. Love you queens

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    hello, i’m a mother of two, 34. for years i’ve been fighting with cellulite problem.
    what advice can you give me so i can get rid of it for ever?
    thanks in advance

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    Hello fanbrits johnson, I was also having cellulite on my legs and thighs which stop me to wear shorts and a bikini then on my friend’s recommendation, I joined a wonder body challenge which is a body guide program specially created for women to tone and reshape the body while eliminating cellulite. You should also look for such similar programs.

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    Just remember that everyone wants what they don’t have. Bigger boobs, flatter stomach or firmer bum. We are all unique, embrace it and love yourself xxx

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