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    Hey JJ,

    Read an interesting “tid bit” in a pregnancy mag recently (so it must be gospel right?) that says, and I quote “New research shows that if women are feeling more stressed than usual around the time of ovulation, they are 40% less likely to fall pregnant that month.”
    That’s a considerable influence especially if you periods aren’t bang on time every month (which just adds to it).
    You mentioned you have mild endometriosis, not sure if that’s a factor but it would be worth investing in seeing a Naturopath. Get the mind and body balanced and hopefully that’s all your body needs to make the magic happen! Definitely seek out another GP with a better approach too. In my mind endo is a sign that the body is out of balance, yes you can live with it but to have to take time off work because your period makes you so ill that you can’t….that’s not quality of life.
    Good luck! I hope everything gets cleared up and you have a little one of your own in the near future 🙂

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