What do you LOVE about your bod?

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    I love my green eyes, my toned legs and my butt…..

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    I read an interesting study into kids and mum’s relationships.
    Apparently u can tell ur daughter over and over again she’s beautiful , but , if u stand there and put urself down, she will grow up doing the same. (Obviously it’s alot more long winded than that! )
    Now we take turn every day to say one thing we love about ourselves and about each other.

    I’d say my tummy for carrying my babies, my boobs for feeding my babies (and they are fun) and my bum coz it attracted my husband.

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    My feet. My eyes. … No third.

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    Hey Con and all the other queens!
    Well, since you asked, I’ll share with you my favourite body parts. Nr 1 is my waist: probably still too big but really beautifully present, small in comparison with my hips. It makes my contours so feminine.
    Nr 2 must be my lips. They are full but not over the top, soft but still firm, just right.
    Nr 3, ehm… I guess my legs. They are quite large, on the short side I’m afraid. But they have lots of shape, with (very) full thighs, curved calves and small ankles.
    And you know, this body may not be perfect, but it has served me for 33 years so far and have me 2 beautiful boys as well. So thank you, blobby, pale, wrinkled, hairy, scarred body!

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    My height, my legs and my brain.

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    HI there, I’ve been thinking on this question for a bit. I’m in love with my lashes, they are long and beautiful. I also have learned to love my kankles. My grandmother who was a strong Queen, also had kankles. Whenever I am feeling bad about my kankles, I think of my strong grandmother and smile. I also love my hair. 🙂

    Profile photo of Moira Moira 

    I have this ginormous smile that I wear most of the time. (When I’m not crying from exhaustion, or because my 3 year old smacked me in the face)
    My hands. They are strong and capable.
    My uterus for growing the most magical creatures I have ever met.

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