What do you LOVE about your bod?

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    I love that my body survived my anorexia, that is is continuing to recover and get healthy and that it never gave up on me. It’s far from perfect but it’s a body that houses my heart and soul and allows me to wrap my arms around my children.

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    Hi all, three things I love about my body

    The fact that I can lift heavy weights and that it copes with my slightly excessive Crossfit exercise regime it has been brutalised to hell and back but it still keeps getting me through each workout and I can feel myself getting stronger and doing things I would never dream of like wall walks!

    My calves only cos it was the part of me my grandpa loved so how can I disagree with him.

    Ok I’m stuck on two but really the first is kinda a big one!

    Profile photo of Mumto4 Mumto4 

    My dark thick eyebrows
    Broad shoulders
    My teeth
    My fake boobies ( even if they sit on my stomach now)

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    I love my hands and fingers they are big but slim I can reach into small crevasses and pick up large objects haha And my long arms and mostly I love the colour of my skin it changes all year round I get tan very quickly I love it mostly in summer

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    1. I LOVE my glorious long head of hair. When I brush it out I can drape it perfectly over my boobies and I love it. Haha
    2. Definitely my stomach. I’ve managed to go through multiple pregnancies without a single stretch mark on my lovely resilient tum. Unfortunately they’ve all decide to chill out on my thighs, but that’s nothing a nice skirt can’t fix 😉
    3. My nose. I used to hate it. I even got teased about it as a child. I’ve tried everything I can think of in the past to hide it or to accentuate my other features instead… but since embracing the nose, I feel so much better. So much freedom! I’m even considering getting it pierce once I have a stable income and can actually afford it 😝

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    I have a love / hate relationship with my thick thighs – one minute I think they’re beautiful and womanly, the next I just want to hide away from the world and never wear jeans again!! I will get to love them 24/7 eventually… I’m working on it!!

    I also love my hands and my stomach 🙂

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    I am loving my huge round pregnant belly, it looks amazing, I always disliked my tummy before I was pregnant but now i love it, its cool. I like my hair right now, its super thick and shiny and my ankles are looking pretty sweet too.

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    I hate and love everything on my body… especially now during the pregnancy it’s insane…
    I do love though how tall I am and that I am curvy, but I dislike my boobs and my huge thighs… sigh

    Profile photo of Livia 👑 Livia 👑 

    Ooooh, this is precisely what I needed right now! Thanks!

    The first thing I love is my hips. I’m such a sucker for hips. When I’m lying on my side and my hips forms that hill from my waistline, I love it! It can honestly turn me on just by looking at it! ( self lob in its finest ✌🏻️)

    The second is my legs. Not for there appearings ( that part I’m still working on ) but for the strength that’s in them. I mean does muscles has carried me many many miles, and are still helping me to chase after my kiddo and those amazing legs takes me up and down the stairs to our apartment many times each day.

    And the last one is my shoulders. One of them is giving me some intense pain at the moment, but I think that they are so beautiful. Both fracked and strong at the same time. When smallest kid is sitting on my hip and holds her hands and arms round my shoulders I feel so strong, like I could lift her over anything that comes our way. And when my hubby hold me close and his hand are around my shoulders I always close my eyes and give myself some rest from the world. In those times I feel small, protected and save.

    It’s amazing how my body can give me such broad fields of emotions depending the mood I’m in.

    I love it. Thank you for letting me get this opportunity to reflect on it 🙏🏻

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    First… my glorious lungs. They were struck with asthma at a young age and then pounded with cigarette smoke in my teen/early twenties. They took a beating but finally came out as tough, big balloons in the end. Thank you lungs for always being there for me and my bull shit. Sorry for all the dirty smoke 💀
    Second… eyelashes/greeny eyeballs
    Third… strong legs

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    I love my eyes, my boobs (they just fit my husband enormous hands) and my little nose (same as my mother and daughter ^^).

    Profile photo of Megan Megan 

    I wish that this wasn’t such a hard one to answer! But, I’ll go with…

    1.) My eyes! They’re blue, I wear glasses, and they have a nice shape — as far as I’m concerned. 🙂

    2.) Freckles. I recall back in the 90s when chat rooms and IMs with random “dudes” (who knows who you were talking to) were a big thing, one would always be asked to describe themselves. I couldn’t lie, so I’d describe how I actually looked, which includes my freckles. I recall one guy responding with “Ew” to that aspect of my appearance. I don’t get it. Freckles are awesome. Fuck him.

    3.) I’ll go with boobs as my third. I used to always want them to be bigger… then they got bigger during pregnancy and breast feeding and made me realize that it’s not all fun and games having big boobs. So, post-baby #1, they aren’t what they used to be, but I have a greater appreciation for them now! Especially after the struggle of getting into the groove with breastfeeding and thinking that I was a shit mom for not enjoying the act and for it not being event remotely easy to get my son to latch.

    Oh, and there is a freckle on one of them that is cute! 😉


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    Oh i love a lot. Im an ex gymnast, and i think i still look great in my beautiful leotards . I still manage to make most of my routeenes. Girls dont give up on yourselves

    Profile photo of Marsha mom1st Marsha mom1st 

    I love my body for what it is capable of. I love my huge saggy milkboobs because they are feeding my son. I love my sometimes itcy strechmarks on my lower tummy because they show me that is the place my perfect little baby grew in. I love my eyes because they are filled with love everytime they see my child.

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    3 things I love about my body, hmm…

    1) I have a wicked metabolism (probably due to my age (25), but my mom still looks great and she’s in her 40’s!) I can eat whatever I want, my body is damn efficient at burning all those calories 😉 Also, when I do start working out my metabolism goes insane and I tone up very quickly. So, thank you metabolism, keep on keeping on.

    2) Legs. I am 5’10”, and the majority of me is legs. I love the look of them when I get them in shape, but most of all I love how strong they are.

    3) Tie between eyes and lips. My eyes are blue-ish green, and they change depending on my mood. I remember being about 10 or 11, out to lunch with my grandma and she told me I had the most perfect bow-shaped lips.

    It’s amazing how the majority of opinions I’ve heard about my body that are pleasant have come from other people. And the majority of negative opinions come from myself.. Just reading these amazing things that we all love about ourselves has inspired me to change how I view my body.
    Thanks everyone!

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