What do you LOVE about your bod?

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    Profile photo of Suz Suz 

    Brain, heart and uterus.

    Profile photo of Tonya Johnson Tonya Johnson 

    Boobs….they fed 4 babies and they are still in good shape. My butt….I still like the way it looks in a good pair of jeans and last of all my legs cause no matter how crappy I feel they still walk me out the door.

    Profile photo of Kara Chameleon Kara Chameleon 

    My Cheekbones
    My Birthmark just above my belly button
    My Mind

    Profile photo of donna ❤ donna ❤ 

    My eyes my lips and massive hips lol 😁

    Profile photo of Rachael Ward Rachael Ward 

    I love my long legs and small bum and I have nice big boobs but I struggle with my jelly belly and wobbly bingo wings!

    Profile photo of SamLinde SamLinde 

    Ah I am forcing myself to answer this course sky husband made me feel really shit about myself today 😥 Waa I know. U mm. My arse is not bad if in Ebenezer working out… I have natural tone so my arms and legs are usually pretty toned.oh and I don’t have ugly feet. YAY for not ugly feet.

    Profile photo of QueenieL QueenieL 

    I love my feet, my lips and my lemons in stockings boobie flaps just cuz I’m glad they no longer resemble zephyrs! 😘

    Profile photo of QueenOfIreland QueenOfIreland 

    I love my eyes.my sharp tongue (that counts right?) And my hands because there capable of so much. Like wiping my babies tears when they fall. And carrying 5 plates to the sink. And choking my hubs when he continues to chew loudly.

    Profile photo of Farah Farah 

    On days I don’t love much about my body, I think about how much my sweet 3 year old boy loves it. He loves cuddles. He loves to hold my hand. He soothes by holding my hair. He likes kisses and to lie on my chest. He likes to smell me. So I guess my body and all the faults I see are just perfection in his eyes. I just wish I remembered that more. 🙂

    Profile photo of QueenSherean QueenSherean 

    Whats not to love? Its mine. One of a kind. No one else has one the same. I have a flubby wobbly belly because i have 3 beautiful children and because i love food!! I have dry cracked feet and ingrown toe nails on occasion. But they get this body to where its gotta go. To the loo, to the aid of my children, to my bed, to the pub……and a long walk home from the pub when im too drunk to wait for a taxi (sorry feet). I have these jiggly milk jugs hanging off my chest. They are fun! All squishy and bouncy. They nourished my babies (they are actually working over time as i type this). They helped create a bond with my babies. They are great for squirting my husband when i feel like a laugh hehe. They are like a twitch switch to my vajayjay when man handled. They made me feel more of a woman in my teens. They are fun! Then there are my eyes that show me the beauties in my life. My nose that gave me that ever lasting smell of my new born baby’s head. Me ears that hear “i love you” everyday and my hands that get to hold and hug my parents, my husband and the little people that we created. And then theres my almighty vagina! The one part of my that physically brings my hubby and i together as one. The part of me where orgasms are created. The part of me that bleeds to let me know im not pregnant. The part of me that allowed that little sperm to enter and create life. The part of my that allowed that new life to enter the world. Thank you vagina. You have taken a beating, my life would be insignificant without you.
    Yeah i have short chunky legs and i can never buy jeans without having to cut a good couple of inches off. I have big pores and oily skin and monthly pimples. I have long side burns and flabby arms. Im the biggest ive ever been. But i am me. The only me there will ever be. Theres no point obsessing over my imperfections. Just accepting that this is me from my nose to my toes. I wouldnt be me without me.

    Profile photo of Lovey Lovey 

    I looooovvvveeee my squishy belly after 4 beautiful little beings, stretching the living shit out of it has made a squishy, flabby bouncy trampoline for my 3 month old daughter to enjoy.😝😝
    And I love my eyes ( minus the wrinkles under them ) haha 😁😁
    And my big lips 💋

    Profile photo of Anna Anna 

    My feet (believe I could’ve been a foot model back in the day) , my hands and my calves.
    Still working on the rest.

    Profile photo of Rach Rach 

    Do tits count as two?

    Profile photo of Jaxter Jaxter 

    Bum, waist, hair!! And the fact that its given me two little legends that make me deliriously happy daily!! 😄

    Profile photo of Tarnya Tarnya 

    Boobs, arse and vag !!!! 😀

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