What do you LOVE about your bod?

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    Tell me 3 things that you LOVE about your bod.
    Mine are, my strong arms, my glorious legs and my tummy that’s so soft and comfy it’s a kid magnet ☺️

    Profile photo of Chloe *Mum of 4* Chloe *Mum of 4* 

    Ah I’m having trouble with this at the moment… But I have always loved my “big bum” hey I can shake that booty! I love my lips – most girls pay for big lips like mine – oh and I love my boobs – they may be very small but they are mine

    Profile photo of Mary Mary 

    My boobs. My eyes. And my feet, I love my feet.

    Profile photo of kerrinish kerrinish 

    I love my lips, my arse, and my boobs. Though sometimes I hate my boobs. It’s a love-hate relationship.

    Profile photo of Beckstrio Beckstrio 

    My eyes, my boobs and most of all my vag! Yep she has been amazing! In awe of the amazing things she has done! πŸ™‚

    Profile photo of Jo Jo 

    Long Legs, small boobs that although they fed 3 kids are pretty much in the same place where they began. Don’t like destroyed stomach..3 fat bubba boys.

    Profile photo of Krystal Krystal 

    I don’t have 3 things i love about my body. I do however love my boobs and my eyes.

    Profile photo of Fi Fi 

    My feet, my hair & my stretch marks. Oh I don’t mind my lips either πŸ™‚ #lovethyself

    Profile photo of Gina R Gina R 

    I love my big bum, long legs and thick thighs. I’m nearly 36 and it’s taken me this long to learn to love myself so i’m trying to teach my kids to love themselves now and forever!

    Profile photo of Rachel Rachel 

    I can some mine up in one, and that is its amazing adaptability and capability of change. I grew up over weight, it runs in my family, After my first child I was severely overweight (123kgs). For 5 years I lost all up over 60kgs. I have a stable healthy weight range now. But I’ve even been underweight. But the funny thing is for all things I didn’t like then, there are others now. I realized it had no bearing, good points and bad either way, because our body’s like our soul, evolve and change. And that’s what’s amazing about them!

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    3 things I love about my body
    1) it
    2) still
    3) works (ish!)

    Profile photo of poppy poppy 

    1. that it is able to provide all the nourishment & comfort my bub needs
    2. its ability to provide me with good restful sleep
    3. that it is healthy and functioning

    Profile photo of Princess Tam Princess Tam 

    I love the stretch marks all over my bum,hips and thighs. They look all silver and shimmery. They remind me everday that I made tiny people with my body.

    I love my vag, it’s done some pretty amazing stuff.

    I love my right hand simply because its my wanking hand. Don’t know where I’d be without that de-stressing aid!! Lol

    Profile photo of Beth Beth 

    I love my waist, my toned back and my eyes..
    Lots to work o and one day I will love all of me! :0

    Profile photo of MJ MJ 

    3 things.. Bloody hell.. well certainly not my giant breasticles, that swing like great pendulums around my knees, not my once flat and toned stomach that now looks at least 8 months gone (it isn’t!) and not my once lovely open mouthed smile, that now has a visable half crown from a ‘love tap’ …which strangely felt much more like a punch in the mouth at the time, courtesy of my fuckwit ex! But my ankles and neck are still looking pretty fine and my eyes, that have seen lots of good, bad and ugly over the last 46 years, are still quiet adorable…even if it is from behind my horn rimmed glasses! πŸ˜„

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