VENT! Don't ask me if I'm pregnant. I'm NOT.

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    ARRRGH! I am not huge, I’m a size 10, but yes, I have a small belly after 2 babies. I have been asked if I am pregnant literally more times than I can count since my second child and I just can’t develop a thick skin regarding this.

    Conversation in the tea room today:
    “I assume your ‘cooking’ again?”
    “I assume youv’e got one cooking again”
    “um, no. I guess I’veput on weight.”
    “Hard to keep it off after kids, isn’t it?”

    hold back tears until back in office.

    EXXXXXXXXCUUUUUUUSE ME. In otherwords, you look like you have a baby growing in your tummy.

    That is not okay to say. and it doesn’t get easier to hear.

    I could just cry. Struggling to come to terms with post child body and this just doesn’t help.

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    I feel your pain 🙁 I had my first child 4 years ago. I wouldn’t call myself hugely fat, definitely don’t look pregnant. But nine seperate people over the last two years have either asked me if i was pregnant or assumed i was pregnant. What the actual fuck?? I always laugh it off and say ‘no,i’m just fat’ They all look like they want to crawl in a hole and die after opening their mouths. Some have even asked ‘are you sure?’ after i say no..But i’m really so upset on the inside i just want to go home an cry. I really don’t get it. At least two of the women who asked me have a decent amount of facial hair too, perhaps i should ask them if they were men??
    So not cool 🙁

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