Toddler loosing weight?

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    I toke my two and a half year old son to the GP today, as he has lost 900gms in 9 months. Admittedly he has had gastro (1 month ago), the stress of a new sister, plus we have moved interstate in that time. The GP is going to get me to collect urine and talk to a paediatrician about what bloods they would recommend.

    My son won’t eat properly, he is all enthusiastic for food, he sits down has 2 mouthfuls and says I’m done. Even with treats like chocolate custard or cake (this started about 3 months ago). He is also drinking about 2L of fluid a day. His whole personality has changed in the last 12 months. I could be wrong but these are all major signs of type 1 diabetes, which my mother, her brother and my fathers youngest sister all have.

    I don’t know about other mums but I feel if my child can’t even maintain weight, let alone looses it, it’s worth investigating. My gut is telling me there is something not right. My husband on the other hand thinks I’m over reacting, he thinks I should just leave it and the doctors are just trying to make money. He says he was a bit plump anyway. My son has always sat above the 90 percentile for height, weight and head. So now went you look at him on a chart height and head are still up above but weight is in the 60 percentile.

    Please tell me I not overreacting?

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    Dear Jessie,
    I’m not all into diabetes so I couldn’t tell if your fear is grounded. But you sound very reasonable and you clearly have put a lot of thought in it, so I don’t believe you’re overreacting at all! (To be honest: isn’t the hubby overreacting a bit…? I mean, doctors just trying to make money…? You sound more reasonable than him on this. But let’s give the man a break 😉
    If you feel this way, just get your kid tested. Of course you COULD be wrong. But I believe a urine test could be enough, and even a blood test isn’t so hard. It will give you clarity and may help your kid a lot! Go for it, trust your gut 💪
    Good luck! Love, Flo

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    There’s nothing quite like a mothers gut feeling. And any good doc knows that if that parent/parents feel their child’s behaviour has changed and they are just not right there’s is cause for concern.

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    Thanks ladies, I needed to hear I wasn’t over reacting after I spent the day walk two feet behind my half naked little boy, armed with a urine jar hoping to catch some piss! Both my husband and son just looked at me like I was loosing the plot, I got about 5ml 😆 I have a couple of hours up my sleeve in the morning before his appointment, maybe I’ll have some more luck then 🙁

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