The Struggle is REAL!

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    I am really struggling at the moment trying my hardest to love the body I live in when all I find time to do is hate my body and the person I am.

    I am constantly reading and looking for inspiration to help me along with this journey to loving the person I am but I am tired…..tired of trying so hard and not getting any where maybe I am look in the wrong places which led me here!

    I am fed up with fighting with myself should I keep trying to lose weight or should I just accept who I am right now……photos I can not stand looking at any photos of myself they dont represent who I am in my head.

    I am just so tired of this fight tired of fighting myself tired of being lead to believe that what I look like isnt acceptable.

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    Dear Butters…

    I don’t have all the answers as to why you feel the way you do about yourself I but I do know this…your not alone dear and precious Queen. And you are on this planet for a reason this is no mistake. I think you are very brave to have shared your heart on this forum and I am personally sending you love and big hug.

    Jewels xoxox

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