Still in love. With a ghost.

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    I lost the love of my life, twice. The fist time was to cheating. He cheated, betrayed my trust and broke my damn heart. Weeks after finding out about it I found out I was pregnant. It was unplanned but so welcomed and i’ll admit that a small part of me hoped that it would magically fix all that had been shattered. Of course it did not. We separated but I still loved him when I wasn’t hating him. 3 years ago I lost him to a hit and run accident that took his life. I feel like enough time has passed where I should be moving on and letting “it go”. But that is not the case. I miss him daily. I’ve contemplated the idea of seeing a therapist but I haven’t found the courage to pick up the phone and schedule. Partly because i fear that this person will “help me” let him go and well the idea of that is so permanent that my heart just cant bear it. But I know eventually I must do just that.

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    Oh hunny, I haven’t ever lost anyone close to me, so I’am sorry that I cannot connect to you on that level. However I have been the “too nice” girl in a long term relationship.. where I was cheated on, betrayed and also left hopelessly heartbroken. I stuck with this heartbreaker, and we now have been married and have a 1yo.
    Everything is fine, but I almost come close to regretting staying with him. I too love him when I don’t hate him..

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    Thank you for your words. I often wonder what my life would have been like if he were still alive. Because I know that even after the betrayal and the cheating I would have stuck with him.
    I don’t know you but I want you to be happy. If your “almost” ever turns into full on regret, do what you must to be happy. Because ultimately your babes happiness depends on your yours.

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