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    I have recently lost 30kg, I really needed to for my health. But along with it my 4 of my closest girlfriends have also stopped talking to me, they are all body positive girls, and promote the body is beautiful at any size, which I get, but it’s like now that I’m no longer considered a “big girl” I’m not worthy of their friendship. Should I confront them or write them off and move on?

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    Firstly…Bloody well done that’s an amazing achievement and I know how hard losing weight is…I’m trying to lose the same kind of amount, so I am in awe of anyone who can do it 😀. If it were me I’d want to talk to them and find out if there is a problem and if so what it is. Perhaps the friendship can be salvaged…there may be something going on you don’t know about…Or maybe it can’t and they’re being horrid…At least you’ll know either way and can decide what course of action to take. Good luck chick and well done again. Cheers

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