Sleep. Please help!!

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    I need to get my 18 month old to sleep.
    She wakes mostly 10 times a night and it’s
    hell. I work part time and hace a 3 year old.
    Who can i contact for some kind of help?
    I’m dying 😭

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    So sorry you are going through this! Do you have anyone that can take her for a couple of nights? So that you can at least can get a good nights sleep every once in a while?

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    Oh I hear you. Currently sleep training my third child, 11 months old. All three are delightful, but shit sleepers. Until now… My youngest is now sleeping 11.5 hours each night, after which I wake him. Last night was night 6, I’ve only had to go in to calm him down during one episode of crying. No drugs involved! I know I’m bragging, but I feel it’s my right after the hell I’ve been through. Sleep deprivation is a killer.
    I’ve got the help of Sheyne Rowley, “baby whisperer”, which is costing quite a lot, but worth every cent. She’s basically organising every aspect of my life, which I totally need! She does have a book called Dream Baby Guide, but at 750 pages, is pretty daunting to face at the best of times, let alone on no sleep. But it might be worth a look to see if you like her philosophy. Controlled crying is something I’m not comfortable with ( Sheyne believes you need to work on solid communication with your child, so they can fully trust your guidance during the day, and therefore listen to you at bedtime). Sorry this is so long, let me know if you want any more info.

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    Been there, still living through the nightmare! We have tried EVERYTHING, and I mean literally everything with our little girl who has just turned one year old.
    Cranial Osteopathy
    Australian Bush Flower Remedies
    Crying it out
    Sleeping in my bed
    Walking the floors shushing her
    Going in, laying her down without saying a word to her and walking out again (this unleashes seven shades of hell!)
    Rocking her to sleep in her buggy in the dark and spending the following hour or so looking at my phone in the dark, scared to breath too heavily in case I woke her!

    The most beneficial I found was the baby massage / reflexology, that definitely calmed her a lot more for night time – check out if there is anyone doing classes in your local area. ALSO I talked to a sleep specialist (without actually going through the appointments / course) – she suggested basic things like looking at how much sleep she was having during the day & perhaps cutting back on them, and then also to make sure she was eating enough during the day – in particular she suggested giving a bit more at lunchtime, like cheese / yoghurt.

    She goes through the night now about half the time, the other half I could be up two – three times. On a bad night (teething, wind pain) I could be up ten times or more!

    Best of luck with it all, it is soul destroying I know but you will get through this. xxx

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    have you spoken to your local community health nurse they are amazing im currently have a 13mth old whos terrible and we are off to karitane (looks at the whole being of the child and not as strict) soon

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