Separating and pregnant!!!

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    Hi Queens,

    I’m in the process of separating with my husband, I found out he cheated on me when I was 6 months pregnant with our 2nd child and we decided to try to make it work. I recently found out he’s been messaging an ex and confronted him and he confessed to more shit so we have decided to separate so we don’t ruin our kids lives with constant fighting…we had sex at the end of last it a farewell fuck and despite being careful I have ended up 5 weeks pregnant. I’m torn between wanting to keep it but i know that i can barely keep up with Miss 3 and Mister 14 months now, i don’t get much help from him now and when we separate it’ll be even less…he’s saying he won’t acknowledge the baby at all if I continue with the pregnancy, he thinks its wrong to bring a child into the world that isn’t really wanted…i’m freaking out, i feel so guilty about everything…if i have it not being able to give my kids the attention they a mum enough for 3 kids 4, 2 and newborn?? Will i cope? financially, mentally…What if its twins…what should i do? I had a termination when i was 17 and was so emotionally wrecked by it…but i’m also doubting my ability to handle a pregnancy ( i get severe morning sickness) and then a newborn..i’m an emotional mess……is it fair to bring a child into the world who’s sister and brother are loved by their father but they wont be?? waaaaaaaaaa this is so fucked up!

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    Hi Queen,

    I’m so sorry this is happening to you, what a difficult situation.

    It sounds like you’re actually thinking this through really well, I know it’s horrible but you’re thinking through what this whole situation means for you and that’s a good thing.

    You’ve done it before so you know what a huge effort it is to bring a baby into the world. You are looking at it realistically which is a good foundation for making a decision you will be happy with.

    All I can tell you is, there is not a wrong choice here. You need to do what is best for you and your kids.

    Love and power to you queen, and a big hug. I wish you all the best.

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    Hi Queen!
    Now, this is a late reply and I hope you are ok.

    I separated when pregnant. We already a toddler together and I left him around week 15. She is now a energetic toddler. It’s been tough, I also suffered morning sickness for most of my pregnancy. It was tough when she was a newborn and it’s tough now. BUT – I love her to bits, just as I love her older brother and it’s is as lovely and great and wonderful as it is tough. We have good days and bad days, just like everybody else. Now, you have more on your plate with two older siblings. I’m not going to give any oppinions on what you should do, there is no wrong choice!
    Do you have help and support around you, family/friends etc? If so, you won’t be on your own!

    Take care of yourself and all power to you!

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    HI Queenie.
    I’ve been in your exact shoes before, I had three children under three years of age. My husband left me before I found out I was pregnant with our third.
    I have raised all three children on my own since, they are now 5, 4 and nearly 3 now. I work and study full-time and have just purchased my own house all own my own! and on a nurses wage too!
    If I can manage it then anyone can! I’m a complete mess some days when it comes to the children but they are healthy, intelligent and thriving, we have what we need and a few luxuries as well.

    My biggest fear when I found out I was pregnant was how would I cope with a third? Going from one to two children was like the worst nightmare I have ever experienced, #3 just slotted on into our lives, she is just the most laid-back cool kid you’ll ever meet.

    My other concern was birthing my baby on my own and not having anyone to bounce the baby off onto. But in my experience the newborn stage went so much smoother, I didn’t have to worry about having the house clean, or cooking full meals, I also didn’t have the midnight arguments because he had to get up for work and I never had anyone making me feel useless for not having everything in order. My husband never helped me do anything and never parented our children so I did not find it to be too much of an adjustment when he left, things got so much easier for me.
    My labour and delivery was quick and effortless, my midwife was so amazing and it truly was a wonderful experience. I had no drugs and it was a completely natural labour/delivery. I can not even begin to describe how calm and peaceful I felt birthing my child on my own (perhaps they had it right keeping the fathers out of the birthing room all those years ago).

    I now raise my babies without any of his input, that’s his choice.
    I got fed the same stuff you are, heres the thing. He cant pick and choose which of his children he wants to pay attention too, its either all or nothing and every family court will stand by you on that.
    Here’s another fact, the way he is treating you and speaking about your child, the way he is making you feel.. that’s abuse on a very deep level.. and hes only doing it to mask his guilt and shame of being found out. He doesn’t know how to process that anger and the fear of the unknown so projects it back onto you.
    You are doing nothing wrong.. you did nothing wrong and it is through no fault of your own that this has happened to you! in time you will see that.

    Just believe that you are loved and cared.. your queenies are here for you..
    You are not alone in this.. YOU WILL BE OKAY!

    Lots of love, hugs and kisses.. I hope you find some comfort in my words. Will be thinking of you xoxo

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    Hi TB!

    I don’t know if this is still current topic for you or if you’ve made your joice and found a way.

    I just want to say, I was in the same situation. I found out that I’m pregnant when our realtionship was in a bad state – more or less over and he didn’t want to have the baby.
    As I always wanted to be a mum and as I was sooooo afraid that depression would come back if I had an abortion it was clear to me that I wouldn’t give up on that baby.
    Now I’m almost due – 4 days to go and the pregnancy has been pure horror. I’m so exhausted, I can’t find words for it – because we DIDN’T break up! He is no help in any way, acts like a little child, lets me do all the work at home without appreciating it one single time. Now waiting for my little one to be finally born, I wish I had been stronger and I wish I had left him when I still could.

    So, my point is. Dads/Husbands/Partners are not always helpful. Sometimes they’re just pain in the a… If you feel like you want to have that baby – have it. Your WILL BE strong enough to do that on your own! You don’t need him!

    And with all the bad things that happened in the past 9 months – one thing I could never really regret and that is the little sports champion in my belly. I know it will be hard as hell to have her here and at the same time having to sort my life. But it will be ok! It will be good, because that little baby will be in my life.

    Sending you lots of strengh!

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