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    Ugh, Queens I just don’t know where to start without you getting half way through and giving up reading or I get half way through typing and give up and close this window.

    I’ve been with my partner 3 years and we have a 2 year old son. Yup 3 months and I got pregnant! we had known each other 7 years prior to that. I just feel like i’m slowly drifting away from him .. not by choice but by the choices his making which make me in the end not give a crap! But I know deep down I do give a damn because otherwise I wouldn’t be doing this post!!

    He goes out ALOT – I mean he seems no harm in him going out 2-3 times a month but when I speak to people they cannot believe how much of a single life he leads when he has a family. He works 6 days a week, I work 2 days in an office at BMW and I also work from home as a beautician and a mum!.

    It really started going downhill when I was having problems in the bedroom – sex was a struggle as ive just found out I have endometriosis, Anyways sex wasn’t regular because of pain, I could see my partner being distant so when I went down his phone one night it come to my attention him and few mates from work visited a prostitutes; He claims he never went in as he didn’t have the guts. so I rather had to believe him or the texts I saw. I took him back, since then its like he couldn’t give a crap. I had my op 2 days later he went to a football game while my parents looked after me and my son, My birthday we did something a month later, Our anniversary he went to another football game. and now he broke up from work Friday – he went out Friday night we spent sat,sun, mond and Tuesdays at his parents for Christmas. we come out he went out 3pm yesterday and didn’t get in till 1am. He is out again tonight (im working till 7pm tonight and tomorrow) Saturday were at his parents AGAIN and Monday he is out AGAIN before going back to work Tuesday.

    I have explained I feel like we are living different lives, but he reckons he has spent every day with me since he broke up from work and what more do I want from him? he pays the bills, for the shopping etc. Its so frustrating because he doesn’t think what he is doing is wrong! Am I the one whose being unfair? or is it him? Ughhh!! I don’t even know where to turn 🙁

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    Men can be knobs. Maybe make some plans to go out and he stays home doing the parent thing? Or get a sitter and make plans to go out together and have a good talk about your relationship? Xx

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