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    i feel like my sons school is constantly wanting money there seems to be a different fund raiser every fucking week! don’t get me wrong I’m all for the student raising money for their school but at the moment my partner is looking for work so every cent we have is going on bills and living cost and being so close to christmas you would think the school would lay off a little but nope today my son came home upset cos he didn’t get a prize for raising money last week (I’m sorry i put the wellbeing of my family before the school NOT!) having to explain to my 6 year old that we just can’t afford it atm was not the easiest cos he still thinks money just magically appears….just really frustrated and needed a vent i don’t think its fair for the school to have prizes for fund raising when some families really can’t afford it

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    It drives me nuts too. It’s not always necessarily fundraisers but I seem to be always sticking my hand in my pocket for something. Lunch orders, excursions, fundraisers, casual dress days, etc, etc

    Our school has a cross country every year (I suppose all schools do) but recently changed it to a fundraiser so instead of the kids simply having a bit of fun it has become a stupid way to see who can raise the most money. I don’t even do it, I mean my children race but I just don’t take part in the fundraising side of it. Some parents even do a shout out on facebook, wtf!!!

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    There are plenty of parents out there who don’t give money. Don’t compare yourself with the ones that do and don’t feel bad about it. Stuff them!
    If you’re really concerned, let them know. Schools have P&C meetings where parents are invited. Maybe you could go along and raise the discussion. It’s ok to fundraise, but not make the kids feel bad about it and turn it into a competition!
    It really baffles me how shitty and heartless schools can be when these people are supposed to love kids…

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