Queen lost her Army

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    My Army let me down; didn’t support me when I needed it and kicked my queen butt when it when I was down.
    I had a falling out with one, and the army of queens I all introduced and sorta created banded against me. I miss my army;and a fellow queen to talk to; meanwhile they have moved on happy posting selfies together while iam left out πŸ™ What should I do?

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    I know how you are feeling as this kind of happened to me yesterday. The people who I thought were my friends, who I went out of my way for, treated me like I didn’t exist for most of the day, then changed the plans to something I couldn’t be included in.
    Today I tell myself Fuck them!!! I am an awesome person and I will find better queens! Not sure how yet being I have moved countries, but you know what ? I am an awesome friend and it’s their loss!

    You are awesome and they are the ones missing out!!!

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    Thanks LC you know what you are so right. Same thing with me; Time to dust my crown off, and find my true fellow queens.xx

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    Good for you! Sometimes it is best to just dust off the bullshit πŸ˜‚

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    Same thing happened to me, for years I supported them through so much, parental deaths, horrible break ups, drug habits & divorces. I was always the shoulder to cry on & my spare room was always offered as a port in a storm.
    The second I needed them though, it was all too hard & my queens just vanished!
    I cried, I wallowed, I felt lonely. Then one day I just decided fuck ’em, if they can’t handle me at my worst after years of having me at my best, they don’t deserve my time.
    So I found awesome new queens instead πŸ™‚

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    That made my day Claire πŸ™‚ thanks

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    I know exactly how you feel. I never had much of an army to begin with but after my miscarriage a month ago there has really only been 1 strong support and that is my partner. there is 1 friend i talk about things with and she says she is always here but im just not feeling that.
    A month later and there is still so called “friends” who i havent seen or even got a message just to see if im ok.
    Some days i feel alone and other days i say fuck them its thier loss.
    Keep ur head high and try find a new army.

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    I am slowly learning to put my life back together and learning to be the author of my own becoming. My journey is documented here:


    Please feel free to read, share and offer me some feedback. Thank you greatly x

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