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    i came here cos i found it on fb. Everyone isnt beautiful, im not, im 21 stone and 50 years old and can barely get around and in pain all the time and my face falls into a naural frown. i catch sight of me and i could weep or batter myself. so sad tonight.hope its ok to put this.

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    Hi Deb, take a closer look in the miror and see the beauty thats inside you. Wear your smile like your crown and no one will ever see your ‘natural frown’
    ‘Chin up queen, or your crown will drop’
    Hope you have a better day tomorrow

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    I agree with the above and such nude words 🙂

    I wanted to comment but I’m not very good with words. I’m not a small person either some times just reminding myself how lucky I am to be alive without pain or hunger or fear like some people in other counties or abusive relationships ect. Let’s be thankful together 🙂
    We are beautiful women society is not.

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    Nude words 😱😂😂😂😂 oops nice

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    Completely agree with you Marsha, inner beauty is important rather than outer beauty. Don’t think that you are not good looking. Everyone Queen is beautiful. As Marsha said don’t don’t chin down queen else your crown will fall down. Stay positive and keep smiling.

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    Let your actions define your beauty Deb. I bet you are a warm compassionate person who just somedays feels like crap though. We all need a pick me up sometimes. Sending love your way and hope tomorrow is a better day.

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