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    Hi ladies just a quick heads up about my life which at the minute is mightily fucked up for want of a better word am mummy to a gorgeous 2year old girlie who is now my world as since April we have been on our own since her father my husband of just over a year walked out on us telling me he’s not happy no more since then finding out hes shacked up with a 50 something tart twice tried to tell me he’s made a mistake and still loves me which was bullshit as he was still with her.
    Currently sat here thinking of ways I could get rid of him permanently without being arrested as he’s now taken to ignoring our child xx

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    Dear Queen,

    Remember you are a queen and mother of a queen! You should be treated as one and nothing less. Keep in mind the life of your daughter – you don’t want her thinking that a man treating a woman that way is how it should be.
    Anyway, I’m probably not the best person to talk to or give advice but I’m here for you.

    xx love and light

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    Hi Gemma
    My motto in life…kill them with kindness!
    Teach your daughter to be a strong queen, theres no room for hate in this world. My youngest was 10 mths old when their “dad” kicked us out, 10 yrs later i reached out as i needed medical info….we were in and out of contact for the last 6 yrs and now that i have cut contact (my personal reasons), boys cut contact a while back (their personal choices, ages now 18 and 17) and their “dad” hasnt tried contacting them since.
    Be the bigger (and happier) person for yourself and your princess. Its the best gift you can give her.Sending you much love xx

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    Thanks fellow Queens,you rock thanks for reaching out and giving me love.
    Me and my princess are overcoming this hurdle and our relationship will only get stronger since writing my previous post he’s tried to come back and again wants us to try with our marriage in no uncertain terms told him where to go!!!
    Big loves to you xx

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