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    So I moved from Brisbane to Rockhampton, i have tried so hard to make friends here but I’m failing! How do people make friends, I’ve tried the mothers group but I don’t really understand them. I’ve only ever had my good friends that I went to school with people I’ve known for years.
    Now I live in Rockhampton I have no one to talk to no one to vent to. I have become a absolute hermit!

    We moved for hubby’s work, I feel so alone & im not use to it. It is starting to absolutely tear me apart not having a friend to talk to someone to go for a cuppa or lunch anything… god I would kill just to have someone to talk to relate to and understand. :'( i’m becoming absolutely miserable & hubby just doesn’t understand because now his got his mates and that’s all that seems to matter!

    My excitement is other then stalk Constance Facebook since I don’t have Facebook now (mutual agreement with hubby) when hubby goes off to work because I have a house to clean, seriously my excitement in my life is cleaning and having something to clean other then play with the kids & blow raspberries at my little one.

    Anyone relatable??

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    Yes I can relate having recently moved from NZ to Brisbane.

    It is shit and the isolation is really kicking in. I work full time and just don’t click with most mums like I do my friends.

    Someone told me to stop looking for the perfect friend and to roll with it when meeting people. It takes time and you don’t need a heap in common – just that one thing. More often than not we have a facade that we put up when meeting people for the first time.

    I hope there are some other queens on here in your area that maybe you can meet up with.

    Sending you big hugs and a virtual friend in brissy!

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    i totally get it i just moved to sa from vic to be with my partner and he doesn’t get it at all cos he is happy to not see people or only see his brother we live out of town so i don’t even know where to begin to even try and meet people I’m still trying to work out where everything is and I’ve been here six months today i sat down and cried when my parter went to see his brother cos i couldn’t even message a friend to come have a coffee i feel so isolated atm

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    That sux Emily 🙁 feel free to add me on facebook and reach out for a chat, vent or anything.
    Sorry I’m so far away so can’t be that one to come round for a coffee xxxxx

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    i will do and please feel free to message me for a chat or vent. thats ok think what made it harder was my sister inlaw added me to some of the mum groups but that seems to have been a dead end 🙁

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    Yeah I never really got into those either – always felt like I was being judged for not having my shit together haha.
    Lisa Clyde on facebook 🙂 – it might show up as being in NZ 🙂

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    yea i always felt the same haha

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