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    Hello queenies!
    Heeeelpppp!! I’m 38 weeks pregnant with my second baby and I can’t seem to find many names that I love! I have an 18 month old boy called Reef,when my hubby suggested it I instantly loved the name and knew we would use it.
    We don’t know the sex of our baby so need. Idea’s for both, so far I like Arlo. For a boy ( thanks con, I stole it from you… Not ashamed to admit it lol )and I quite like laiken for a girl.that’s pretty much all we have… And my hubby doesn’t even go on laiken that much lol I’m almost being driven to wine over this, please help ladies!

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    We named our girl Runa Lark after much searching, also like Wren, Renne, Maven, Solaris, Seelie, Sorcha.

    Not good at boys names, but was compiling at the beggining of the pregnancy in the hope that I wouldn’t have to pick one: Rook, Arris.

    Can’t believe I can’t remember more of them, this was mostly what I thought about every day for months.

    These are coming from a family that has another girl called Xenith Luna, and dogs called Tatws and Snuff so what do you expect.

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    P.S. just put “unusual names” into your search engine, hours of fun!

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    Hi! Newbie Queen here. I’m only 22 and not even pregnant and have my kiddies future names already. Have you thought of using family names or altering family names?
    Example: My boy will be Lucas Lea… Lucas (my husband’s father’s name) Lea (my grandfather’s second name).
    My girl will be Ella Marina… My grandmother’s name is Elizabeth Marina and the whole family uses the Elizabeth part of her name and she hates it. She always introduces herself as Marina.. so I changed the 50’s style name to Ella Marina instead.
    Play around with names and don’t throw names out because you know someone horrible with the name. A person makes their name.. not the other way around 😉 most of all – have fun!!!! I think it’s the best part !

    xx love and light

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    Oooh I like Sorcha.

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    I love looking on Pinterest at interesting names it’s super hard tho ! I love Kalia which is now my nieces name – kenzie, Marley aaaand mind blank

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