My kids are about to leave home…I'm 34

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    Are there any Queens out there with teenagers? I have resisted joining the forum until now as I feel like I am so out of date with having littlies! I was a child-mother, and now have an 18 year old, a 17 year old and a 13 year old (who ISN’T leaving home, just to clarify!)
    My issues aren’t so much with toilet training (although looking at the state of the kids loo, maybe I should have spent longer on that!) as with things like drinking, sex, and leaving home… oh and throw in a little “I think I might be bi-sexual” from your 13 year old son.

    Relateable? Or am I alone…

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    Hi Meg!
    My lord, I’m turning 34 next month and my boys are 1 and 4. What a difference! Clearly, I cannot relate to your situation (although our toilets may smell the same…). But reading your last sentence, I just had to say: you’re not alone! I’m sure there are other teenager’s moms here to respond to your call. In the meantime, baby’s moms will try to place themselves in your shoes!
    I don’t have a clue how it feels to be a teen mom but I guess it wasn’t easy… or maybe I am wrong and you were already a fine queen at 16? But either way I think it could just well be an advantage now. You’re an excellent example for your teenagers, being a mom already at their age. Whether you want to warn them to be careful, or you want to teach them that at their age, one can be a responsible adult with kids. Your teenage years aren’t as long ago and I guess you can relate to their problems better than I will at 45/50…
    Good luck with your big kids, Meg!
    Love, Flo.

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    Aw, thanks for the reply Flo! I was a pretty kick ass queen when I was 16 – but probably due to massive over compensation!
    It’s so nice to connect with other mummas on here. I guess it’s all much the same journey, just different ends of a (very tiring) spectrum.
    Thanks for the love xxxxx

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