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    Hi Queenies,

    I was hoping you could tell me what you did when you were planning to start your mini kingdom?
    My King who is 40 in February keeps saying we’ll wait until we’re “financially ready” which I’ve been advised by all of my queens that’s never going to happen as you can never ever be “financially ready”. I am 27 this year & would love to have a family before 30. I don’t have private health insurance & have been told different things by different queens.
    Some say you don’t need private health insurance as medicare cover most of the costs all you need to pay is for the ultrasounds & “When you go private you pay for everything, Trust me when you are trying to push a baby out you really don’t give a shit which DR is doing it!” where as other queens have told me to go private even though you are not promised a private hospital (due to possible complications), private room (due to beds available), same DR (depending if they are available at the time). I don’t know what to do as i know most private health insurance’s have a 12 month wait.
    I have no idea what is involved with planning, all i know is when my parents had me they made do with whatever they could.
    I need some guidance queenies please help 🙂

    Thanks Dolls xx

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    If you really want to know if your financially ready, practice. Forget about your wage, put it in a bank account and pretend it doesn’t exist for 6months. Don’t pay bills with it, don’t buy clothes, food or holidays with it, just leave it there. Because that what happens when you stop or pause work for children. Believe me it’s fucked. People try to “set” themselves up but they forget to adjust there spending habits and there in out cash flow. We certainly had a rude shock and we thought we were set.

    In regards to private health I went private first time, public second. Both of my pregnancies were perfect text book pregnancies and second time around I was poor, so public it was! My first pregnancy coast $3,000 in doc fees before my son even came out. That’s after Medicare rebates. My daughter cost $500 before rebates! Difference? One was relaxing because I saw same doctor, midwife all the way though, extra ultrasounds and reassurance. Public, longer times in waiting rooms, less ultrasounds, different doctors and midwife every time. I’d personally recommend private insurance anyway though because you don’t know if something will go wrong with you or Bub before or after birth. Or what you child’s health will be like in years to come. What if you need vag reconstruction like me (😜 sounds like fun doesn’t it!), the option of choosing a doc in those situations is nice. There’s nothing like being able to choose your doctor if something isn’t right. Plus you can get a private room even if your still a public patient, which I highly recommend. Nothing like trying to deal with all the shit that comes with a new baby (bleeding, breastfeeding, no sleep, hormones and trying to “bond”) and some strangers hoards of visitors are watching you!

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    I second the ‘public hospital with private room’ option because it also means your partner can stay overnight with you- in public rooms they usually make them go home after visiting hours. There’s nothing worse than being exhausted and hormonal with a brand new baby screaming at you, and nobody else responsible for it to help! I also found you’re basically sitting around with your tits out all day for the first few days even when you have an ‘easy’ birth, more pleasant when it’s only YOUR family and friends getting a free show 😉

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