Motherhood sucks when…

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    You take off your bra, notice some white stuff on there. Notice said white stuff is down your cleavage too…Then realise, it’s dried up baby spew. Yurgch!!! Guess the cursory wipe down of me wasn’t as comprehensive as the wipe down spewy chops got!!! 😷🙄

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    Oh suckkk my now 13 month old at about 3-4 months projectile shat on me like no joke it went from my breasts to my ankles and all over the carpet.

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    So Clez, I hear you’re wearing a bra. I’d say you’ve got it together girl 💪😝

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    And then the little monkeys just big fat expect us to love them, even after expunging their vile bodily fluids all over us! And we go right ahead and love ’em!
    Projectile shit does NOT sound great, hope it wasn’t too traumatic for you Cat.
    Flo it’s a matter of total necessity for me, I have big bazoomas and no bra means my nipples tickle me knees all day and its just no fun! 😂😂😂😂.

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