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    So just need to vent… need someone to relate… I’m feeling super vulnerable writing like this. I never do this stuff.

    Just cant deal with the in laws and need to stay at their house…without my husband for a bit.

    I’m such a flamin door matt. They are so excited to have a first grandchild, but they cant have that with out me! lol. I wish things were different. I know they want a massive part of this (even bought a cot so when we go there is a cot) but I feel so uncomfortable because I have never felt fully accepted by them, and now they are all about me because the grandchild… uhh cant explain the feelings I have about it all. It seems trivial and all, and they are well meaning people and we are all flawed but I wish other friends and family would understand that I feel uncomfortable?! is that hard to understand… they keep saying, “but isn’t it better if you stay there because if something happens they will be there?” I would rather not be pregnant and stressed…

    anxious about so many things. I have soooo much to be grateful for but have a lot going on at the moment…

    Going into final weeks of pregnancy, first baby, after years of infertility and 2 miscarriages. So its such a strange thing, but at 33 and a half weeks I’m still trying not to “get my hopes up” if you know what I mean. its like I’m daring to hope.

    Flying to the city in a few days to stay for a few months, and need to stay with in laws until my husband can leave work and join me. (we are not staying there the whole time)
    love my husband so much and is a great great guy, and I want to spend quality time with him but even him trying to be nice to me is getting on my nerves! I have fears of car accidents and dying before this all happening. We have had so much death in the family recently.

    Got a list as long as my arm of things to do…. Just super overwhelmed.

    Also feeling all the difficult comments from over the years of infertility and wishing I had support. But I am such a private person now because of the hurt and misunderstanding.

    I just wish people actually cared you know? like I have great friends in the city, but I am always the one making contact. Everyone is so busy these days. :0/

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