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    Hi all.

    Have been sitting reading a few posts and easily noticed that theres quite a few women out there that are lonely. With or without husbands, kids, jobs, careers, cars or self-esteem, but that are overwhelmed and just plain old lonely (dirty word nowadays).

    Me myself is a currently non-breeding 34 yo that has found that since my move (plus a couple years before that) my social circle has diminished to the point that is getting to me.
    Much of this is my own making – moved away from my community, being a total introvert that loves old-people’s hobbies – but it doesn’t take the need of friendship away.

    So I’m hoping to do some queen matching.

    My thought is that people drop a location for a coffee shop or similar and if there are queens around that might just want or need a bit of socialising and support its just to rock up. It might be great, it might be horrendously awkward – it’s worth a try (I write whilst trying to ignore the little stupid voice saying, ‘No one’s going to like this idea and you’ll be a fool…a fool with no friends and semi public humiliation’) so I’m sticking my neck out here.

    And to be crazy brave I’m going to start. If nothing comes out if this – nothing more than my grand plans got hurt (and I can take that – I hope).

    I propose a coffee/tea date at the Three Fat Duck on Safety Bay Rd in Shoalwater WA on Saturday the 17th September. At 1pm.
    I’ll be wearing a black top/jacket with a red scarf.
    I’ll be bringing a book so I can hide behind it if no one rocks up.

    I just hope that somewhere someone will find some support, some friendship, to make a difficult life a bit easier.

    Much love to all

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    Well done you! I like the odd Grandma hobby myself. I’ll play!

    I’m newly returnee to Australia after a couple of years in the States. 13yo and 19 month old twins. Not that I don’t love my long term friends, I’d love to make some new friends either with young kids or no kids.

    Anyone up for a meet and greet at Carindale?

    Profile photo of MonMon MonMon 

    Well that went well – so many people came – NOT. But I’m not easily deterred. Well I am but I’m being a bit crazy. I still think we can get people meeting up through this site. If thee’s so many lonely queens out there – lets do something about it!

    Profile photo of Cat Cat 

    I think it’s more to find out if you have people in your area to meet up with? I’m in cairns in QLD and I doubt there’s many if anyone on here that’s in cairns

    Profile photo of MonMon MonMon 

    Well that’s what I’m trying to do. I’ve seen someone in Glasgow, Scotland has started a thread and maybe they will meet up. I will continue trying to get a get-together happening.

    Profile photo of Michelle Michelle 

    Lanne – carindale isn’t far from me and I would love to meet up with some like minded mums who find the isolation hard. I have two boys that are 2.5 years and 15 months, aswell as an older step son. Were you meaning carindale in Brisbane QLD?

    Profile photo of lanne lanne 

    Hey Michelle! Yes Carindale in Brisbane 🙂

    Would next Tuesday suit you? Or after school holidays?


    Profile photo of Emily Emily 

    hi think this is a great idea after a recent move and really struggling to make new friends would love to know if there are any queens in the port lincoln SA area

    Profile photo of LC LC 

    I’m in Brisbane – completely new to it and Australia so don’t know where carindale is ?? I’m in mount cotton?

    Profile photo of lanne lanne 

    Hi LC .. Mount Cotton isn’t far frOm Carindale – its a large Westfield shopping centre 🙂 check it out and see if it’s something you think you can access 🙂


    Profile photo of Madame_L Madame_L 

    Hi Mon Mon, great idea! I’m in Melbourne. Do you mind if I use your idea to start one for us in Melbs? x

    Profile photo of MonMon MonMon 

    I just saw your question! Of course not. Go for it. If you get a group together that would be fantastic!

    Profile photo of Zoe Zoe 

    Hello Queen’s!!!!
    This is such a brilliant idea!!
    I live in redcliffe Qld, if any other Queen’s live in the area and want to meet up for either a walk along the beachfront, play at a park or maybe even grab some fish and chips give me a shout out!!

    Sending love and positivity to all the Queen’s!!!!

    Profile photo of EmilyRose EmilyRose 

    Fantastic idea! I’m in Brisbane south east also! If anyone ever interested in meeting up.

    Profile photo of LC LC 

    Seen as there is a few of us in Sth east qld we should organise a meet up somewhere? Maybe on a weekend?

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