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    better buy iphone 7
    iphone 7
    In iPhone 7 the new A10 infected Fusion.
    In iPhone 7 the new A10 infected Fusion. (Image: Chip Works )
    iPhone 7 with Intel modem, 3 GB RAM and InFO Packaging
    Apple is no longer solely on Qualcomm, but also on Intel modems and are at least the iPhone 7 Plus more RAM than before. The system on a chip is large, the board thanks to new packing methods for SoC and flash memory but extremely shallow.
    During teardown of the iPhone 7 by Chipworks details have come to light, which at iFixit did not exist. This shows once again that Apple defines unwillingly to a manufacturer in the selection of components, but in certain areas quite pioneering technology sets.


    Video: iPhone 7 – Release Trailer (0:30)
    While plugged in the iPhone 7 Plus of iFixit, a CDMA version for North America and Japan, a Qualcomm modem type Snapdragon X12 LTE (Gobi 9645), Chip Works has discovered in its GSM version for the European market, an Intel modem. This confirms what from manufacturer circles close for months reported was: Apple operates so-called dual-sourcing, and Intel was the first time provide a modem for an iPhone. As expected is the XMM 7360 with 450 MBit / s.

    Pleasing is the amount of memory, because Apple built at least in the iPhone 7 Plus now 3 instead of 2 GB of RAM as the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6S (Plus). Whether the speed of LPDDR4 memory has increased, can be based on the Teardowns not say, since only parts of the Part Number on file with Samsung. At least the product selection guide for the first half 2016 ( PDF ) lists LPDDR4-3200 as the iPhone 6S and meaner LPDDR4-3733. As usual, the RAM as PoP (Package on Package) is directly on the system on a chip, the new A10 Fusion , phoney.

    Apple uses InFO for the A10 and the LPDDR4. (Image: Chip Works)
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    Apple uses InFO for the A10 and the LPDDR4. (Image: Chip Works)
    According to the inscription of the chip at the TSMC is made, it measures mm² according Chipworks 125 and is therefore quite large. The A9 predecessor is approximately 105 mm² in size, but also uses only two instead of four cores. Possibly used Apple has not yet announced PowerVR Series 8XT because the graphics unit further comprises six clusters. The +50 percent higher performance can be achieved by hardly more clock, since the chip pretty sure again in a 16-nm FinFET process (probably 16ff +) should be prepared.

    Striking: The PoP from A10 Fusion and LPDDR4 is extremely flat because Apple has chosen to use the InFO packaging of TSMC. This stands for Integrated Fan Out and describes a technique in which the chip is mounted directly onto solder balls without a substrate as a base layer – which reduces the overall height. A corresponding photo by Chip Works confirmed InFO, another shows the unusual structure of the flash memory: The four chips are not stacked but are adjacent.

    Video: Phil Schiller is the iPhone 7 before (45:47)
    We are curious whether a teardown of the new 256-gigabyte version shows whether Apple relies on 3D flash memory, since it is less, this must be stacked in a package. The lower overall height of PoP and memory benefits the battery, which supplies about half an hour more watts.


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