I want another baby.

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    I have been with my partner for nearly 2 years now. We recently got married. And want to have a baby. Unfortunately my partner is unable to have kids. It upsets both of us and the other night we were watching tv and a mother on tv reminded him of me, he started saying something but i stopped him before he could go any further with the convo because i knew where it was going. If i could have a baby right now i would theres nothing i want more than to give him a child but due to his circumstances the only way we can have a child is if we get a sperm doner. But with the lack of funds atm we cant. When the topic of baby comes up i get so upset!

    I already have 2 kids from my previous partner, my husband loves them as if they were his own, but its always on the back of his mind that they will never truly love him like they do with their own dad. I try to reassure him, thats hes the best stepdad he can be because he is here helping raising my 2 girls. The other day he got so upset because they were due to visit with their dad and the youngest was being naughty, to the point where we had to send her to her room. She completely turned her room upside. Then her bio dad comes in and makes everything better by hugging her and hloing her fix her room. My husbane was so annoyed because he feels that their dad should have respected him but not giving her any praise(hugs and help with tidy up of her room).

    We wont be able to have a child until next year or the year after, because we need to save up the money for the fertility clinic. Then i keep thinking if we save up all this money and then we don’t end up falling pregnant.

    I dont know what to do….

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    I think not falling pregnant is the risk all people take when they pay to go to a fertility clinic….. and it is a pretty big risk. My personal plan is if I can’t fall pregnant naturally then its not going to happen. I don’t want to outlay that sort of cash for a high chance I won’t see any result and as a bonus, take hormones which seem to send women (and everyone else they encounter) crazy.

    If you want a child, why not look at adoption as well as another option? Technically any child you have will not be biologically connected to your husband so why not keep your figure and get one that someone else has baked?

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    so what you are looking for

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