Help from a Perth Queen pls?

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    Hi ladies

    This seems a very frivolous call out for help when compared to some of the calls for help here So forgive me, but I really do need a teeny bit of help from a Queen in Perth.

    My 4yo daughter got a $5 Dora the explorer mermaid soft toy at the recent Royal Adelaide Show. She is in love with it. Sleeps with it, the works. My daughter stayed over at my sisters house last night so hubby & I could go out for dinner with friends. She loooooves staying at my sisters. Not only does she love my sister & my brother in law, but she just adores her big cousins. She took her new Dora doll with her to show them but horror of all horrors, their sneaky dog (who we all love to bits) got the toy somehow & tore it up.

    My sister dished out the discipline to the dog & hugged the crying child till she settled, then took her to the toy shop to replace it only to be told they don’t have any in the shops. It was a show only item. Argh!!! So my sister let her pick something else in an attempt to repay the wrongs of Jett (the dog). Awesome.

    Trouble is, whilst Miss J is trying very hard to be brave about it all her little lip is shaking & she is very teary about Dora & how “her fluff was everywhere mummy”. She is breaking into tears at the thought of going to bed without her. I know this is very much a first world problem, but I’m a big old softy.

    So! I’m told that the Perth show is on next week & this brings me to the reason for my post.

    I’m wondering if there’s a queen out there who will be going to the show that would be willing to pick up another Dora doll & send it to me, I would be very very grateful. (My sister even more so, she feels just awful about the whole saga) I will of course Pay for the doll & postage. Just need an account to put the money into.

    If you or anyone you know can help, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance queens

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