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    I dont really know how to topic this as this is my life on the line, basically i have been with this guy for 4 years engaged for 2 years i have a daughter to a previous relationship who is now 7 and absolutely adores my current partner, adores him that much that she asked him to be her real dad for ever and gave him an engagement ring. I am a hot head and when i get pissed off i will let it be known (this normally takes a few weeks of build up before hand), i have tried speaking to my partner about problems i have I.E me doing every bastard thing in the house! me paying for every single bill! me being the glue keeping us together, while he sits on his arse and finishes me every time i explode, on Tuesday he text me while i was at work again and finished me, last night i tried to speak to him as he is still living at the house we made together where my daughter is, he is ignoring her and making her feel sad that its her fault, i just want to fix it and make him realize that you have to talk in a relationship to make things work and get through things together, he has been very distant lately he got accused off someone saying he slept with someone behind my back and i chose to believe him and ever since then things have got worse, i watched my gran die and will be spending Christmas without her and now i am facing the fact i may have to spend it without him as well…. has anyone got any advise on how i can make things work? or make them better? i just dont want to loose my family over a daft argument!
    Thanks Girls

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