Feeling great but oh the greys, are you going gracefully or not

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    Hi all

    So went for an amazing walk today, it’s finally cool enough to go for a walk without feeling like your in an oven and your swollen fingers are going to explode from the knuckles. I didn’t feel like it but dragged my ass out of bed and argued with miss two who has finally worked out how to say NO feeling tired from the neighbours fighting then getting arrested on our driveway at two in the morning but I still put my walking clothes on dropped the kid at Daycare and thought fuck it if I put 20 mins effort in I HAVE to do 20mins back to the car and coffee.
    So yay I did it feel great.
    I decide to dye my hair well I don’t think I’m that old but jesus christ it seems like I am nearly fully grey (only36) who is going grey gracefully and how are you coping with it????
    Thanks Queens

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    Oh the greys!! I’m early 40’s so have quite a few greys coming through but not heaps I guess. Am due to dye my hair, dyed it for the second time only a couple of months ago so I haven’t been a real vain hair person all my life but it’s
    starting to get to me!
    I WANT to age gracefully but it’s hard to do so, I think because seeing the greys is an in-your-face sign that you are in fact getting old. I don’t want to get old damn it!

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    I started going grey when I was 23!!! I have dark hair so those little fuckers REALLY stand out. I’m now nearly 40 and have lots of grey hair. I’ve been dying all that time, when I’m cash rich(ish) I get it coloured, but most of the time I’m cash poor so Nice n Easy it is. I’m okay with it, bit not ready to go hello this is me, I’m grey…In fact mine are not grey they’re white 😑🙄. I’m not vain in any way except for my hair, I always loved it, dark, thick, long…now it’s dark (thabks again n&e) thick, but not so long and with horrendous roots every 6 weeks. I’m thinking when I’m ready to just go “fuck it I’m grey and what?” I’m going to get a KILLER style and just rock it…I’ve seen some women and kill it with grey hair, its all in the cut.

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