Expecting Twins

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    Hi all,

    I need a vent and don’t know where better to go than here!
    I am expecting twin boys in Feb. I am very petite with no hips, and my body is caving to the pressures of a twin pregnancy at just 23 weeks. I have an irrational fear of something going wrong and always worry that something may happen to one twin without me noticing. I’ve been told to track movements of both twins – that would be much easier if I could see inside myself and tell where each of them is! I can’t stop over-thinking every part of this pregnancy. How do I move past the worry and anxiety?!

    Thanks xx

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    I know exactly how you feel. I’m also expecting twin boys and felt very overwhelmed in the first weeks after being told about the risks of twin pregnancy. I’m also petite and my babies are very big. I’m preparing to give birth next week at 36 weeks. I am lucky to have many very supportive people around me who remind me daily that each week of twin pregnancy is a great achievement. Growing two humans is a big effort so be proud of the amazing ability of your body!
    What helped me is talking to other twin mums and other women expecting twins. I live in Adelaide and have been in touch with Multiple Birth SA who are absolutely brilliant. I recommend you get in touch with your local branch. There is amazing community of twin parents out there! xx

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