Drowning ………. FML!!

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    So I am a 36 year old working mother of 5 (oldest 20 – youngest 2).
    At the moment I feel that I am seriously failing in the mother department. I have been doing this for 20 years now…… surely it should become easier?

    I just feel like it is becoming harder. Drowning in washing, house work, a never ending list of chores that just make me want to stay in my bed abd hide from the world.
    I look at the other mums in my 6 year olds class and they all have it so together. PTA members, coffee mornings, running their kids to just about every after school activity possible, their kids are the best readers and writers because of all the extra time they put in and they are still smiling and looking wonderful on the morning school run.
    Where as at the moment I am juggling everything plus working evenings and weekends and consider my day succesful if my son has a clean uniform, has brushed his teeth without a fight and got to school on time.
    I look at these mums and wonder how the f**k they have it all together the way they do?
    I literally feel like a failure constantly struggling with normal everyday activities. When I say struggling I mean ignoring them as much as possible. I have forgotten how to be that mum who has everthing under control and dealt with.
    I have hubby that works very hard all day, which I truly appreciate….. but he seems to have forgotten how to help me round the house (he used to be amazing, cooking, cleaning, etc.).

    Please tell me I am not the only one out there failing to be one of these apparently perfect mothers I am surrounded by!!
    Because I really am feelung like a massive failure and don’t know how to get out of this rut I am in!

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